UK audiences lead the world in Smart TV adoption

UK audiences lead the world in Smart TV adoption
Brits want hi-tech television

Tech-obsessed Brits are leading the way in adopting new televisual technologies, according to a new report from Ofcom.

The Ofcom International Communications Market Report claimed that 15 per cent of surveyed Brits now own an internet connected Smart TV, compared with just ten per cent of people in the United States.

23 per cent of Brits are also accessing live online and catch-up TV services like Sky Go, BBC iPlayer and 4oD, compared with just 17 per cent of Americans and 16 per cent of viewers in Spain.

The UK also has the world's highest proportion of HDTV owners in Europe with 41 per cent, but the United States leads the world with 49 per cent.

Mobile mania

The study also points our the rise in internet use on smartphones and mobile devices, with 16 per cent of all traffic.

The rise of online shopping, thanks largely to mobile devices, was also chronicled by Ofcom's report, with the average Brit now spending £1,083 on e-commerce in the last year.

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