Sky: we can do for 3D what we did for HD

Sky looking for bigger and better things with 3D
Sky looking for bigger and better things with 3D

Sky kicked off proceedings at the 3DTV World Forum in London this week, outlining its future plans for 3D and how it sees the market at the moment.

John Cassy, Director, Sky 3D, explained that Sky is currently looking at its 3D channel as giving something back to its costumers but in time it will make 3D a mass-market proposition, much like it did with high definition.

"We have a clear business plan on 3D – at the moment it is to maintain loyalty from customers. There is evidence that people are upgrading to the higher package to get 3D, but that is by no means the driver.

"One of our objectives is to make our subscribers as happy as possible. They are only one phone call away from cancelling their Sky subscription so we are giving something back."

Going down the HD route

Cassy did note that while there were "no plans to charge" for its 3D channel at the moment, the aim will be to ape what the sat-caster did with HD, something Sky customers have to pay extra for.

"We aim to do for 3D what Sky has done for HD innovation in the country," said Cassy.

"We now have over 3.5 million homes, paying us an extra £10 a month. And now there is over 50 channels that are in HD.

"I can't see why we can't build the take up of 3D in this country, with a similar model."

Marc Chacksfield

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