Sky interested in Google TV platform

Google TV - an interesting proposition to Sky
Google TV - an interesting proposition to Sky

Sky are interested in putting the Sky Player on the Google TV platform, although Sky's director of on-demand Griff Parry has told TechRadar that he is keen to get more details on the internet television project.

Google TV was announced by the internet giant last week, with the company keen to set the standard for television through the internet, and forging a high profile partnership with the likes of Intel, Logitech and Sony.

Speaking exclusively to TechRadar, Parry said that he was looking at the fledgling project with great interest and was hoping that the rival to the BBC-backed Canvas would provide an opportunity for Sky.

Interested observer

"The short answer is yes," said Parry when asked if Sky were interested in Google TV.

"I don't know enough about Google TV yet, but there is a lot of innovation in this connected devices space.

"It's clear that Canvas is only one of a number of options to enable these kind of experiences."

Opportunity knocks

Parry feels that Google's entry into this area is likely to attract huge attention, and is hopeful that Sky Player can benefit.

"Obviously when someone the size of Google, [and] the size of Sony, gets involved we prick our ears up and take notice.

"I'm hopeful that it creates an opportunity.

"I don't know enough details to comment on it too much, but it is one of a number of initiatives that include FetchTV and Canvas."

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