Liquid is a 'level above' Sky's new EPG

Rovi's Liquid EPG
Rovi's Liquid EPG

Macrovision announced both a name change and a new EPG (electronic programming guide) today, one that the company believes trumps Sky's own channel guide.

Liquid is the Rovi's (formerly Macrovision) version of the humble programming guide which ramps up functionality to include internet television and user generated content, all available to view from one screen and through one remote control.

Although Rovi has pencilled in a 2010 UK launch for the EPG in the UK, it has already told TechRadar that the guide is a "level above" what Sky is doing at the moment.

Big step beyond

"Sky has done a good job of making its EPG move fast, which is one of the main things our consumers want, but we're a level above," explained Corey Ferengul, Rovi's Executive Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, when we spoke to him about Liquid.

"Sky has really just built its EPG to deliver its programming – so it's a portal to its entertainment service. We are taking a big step beyond that."

Sky is currently in the midst of rolling out its new HD EPG, which brings both picture-in-picture capabilities and improved search, but Ferengul believes that Liquid offers much more than this.

"People's viewing habits have changed," he noted. "They are looking at all types of different content, not just television channels. We figure people needed a guide to all their entertainment."

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