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TDK designs slim power units for next-gen TVs

TV sets are on a serious diet

As if we needed proof that TV sets are on a serious diet, TDK Japan has revealed a surprisingly simple method for making even standard LCDs thinner and - as a bonus - cheaper.

Focusing on 32-inch sets, the company applied its manufacturing know-how to various essential power components to reduce their substantial bulk by half.

Lateral thinking

The moves are deceptively benign, yet yield clear benefits. For example, the copper wire used to wrap the ferrite core in the power board is oval instead of flat. That allows the core to squeeze into a smaller space and saves on the cost of materials.

Similar approaches to the rest of the design give TDK an edge in building the slim power components needed to drive new LCDs, with sales to TV builders planned to start this summer. The end results should be in shops worldwide around Christmas.