BT Vision+ boxes will no longer be sold

BT Vision+ on the way out

BT will no longer offer new customers BT Vision+ boxes, with the announcement that Sky's main sports channels will be available on the youView box spelling the beginning of the end for its legacy offering.

After an appeal by BT, Sky Sports 1 and 2 will be open to subscriptions to BT YouView customers, knitting together a hole which had previously been filled by BT allowing sports fans to opt for BT Vision+.

The existence of two differing BT TV services side by side was always an odd one, and the communications giant will no doubt be delighted it can now focus all of its energy on the newer, more feature-full YouView.

BT Vision+

BT Vision+

If you opted for a BT Vision+ box so you could get the Sky Sports package, the news is not so good: you'll have to wait until the end of your contract and then pay a £35 fee to exchange boxes.

BT Vision will continue as a supported service for the meantime, but the writing is very much on the wall for the older service.