Apple iTV to look like you'd expect and 'have Siri and FaceTime'

Apple iTV to look like you'd expect and 'have Siri and FaceTime'
What, you were expecting something else?

New details of the possibly upcoming but not yet official Apple iTV have emerged, including a description of what the thing will look like.

And surprise, surprise, the Apple iTV set will look very similar to one of Apple's monitors – the Cinema Display monitor to be more exact. Except bigger. Much bigger.

This is according to Cult Of Mac, a blog that's bundled together its information on the telly and come up with some interesting tidbits.

According to its unnamed source – we're guessing it's not Tim Cook – the television "resembles an Apple monitor, only much larger".

The source also reckoned the TV will make FaceTime calls, which is a bit of a no-brainer considering Skype has been appearing on any connected TV worth its salt.

And you will also be able to ask the TV questions thanks to Siri also being on board.

Projecting your voice

Now, we shout at the TV on many an occasion – normally when sport is on – so the idea of chatting to your TV isn't too far fetched but we've used voice recognition on other televisions and the results are far from perfect.

The FaceTime calls are said to be done through a built-in iSight camera situated on top of the TV's frame.

We're also guessing the television will have Apple TV functionality inside – something we have seen already in the form of the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay V1.

Well, it has a space for Apple iTV in the back of the television set, which kind of counts, right?

Via Gizmodo UK and Cult of Mac

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