TeamViewer jumps on video conferencing bandwagon

TeamViewer Meeting
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TeamViewer may be best known for its remote desktop software but the company also has its own video conferencing solution which can be used to stay in touch with co-workers while working from home.

Up until now, TeamViewer Meeting (previously known as Blizz) was a standalone application that could be used to make unlimited end-to-end encrypted video calls across mobile and desktop. 

In order to make its video conferencing software more accessible though, the company has integrated TeamViewer Meeting directly into TeamViewer so that users can now start one-click meetings without having to install additional software.

Director of product management at TeamViewer Christoph Schneider provided further insight in a press release on the company's decision to bring video conferencing to its remote desktop software, saying:

"Due to the global need of reliable, secure digital communication and online meeting capabilities, we have committed to provide every TeamViewer user with easy-to-use meeting functionality right in their TeamViewer client. There is increasing demand for end-to-end encrypted video conferencing and screen sharing solutions following the strict data protection and privacy regulation within the European Union."

Video conferencing in TeamViewer

Integrated meetings in the TeamViewer client are fully compatible with the company's standalone TeamViewer Meeting product so customers can use whichever software better suits their needs. End-to-end encrypted VoIP meetings can also be conducted on mobile by using the TeamViewer Meeting app for iOS and Android.

TeamViewer's video conferencing solution also allows users to start instant meetings right from their contact list and these meetings support HD-quality video as well as 4K multi-monitor screen sharing. Users can even record meetings and lock them with passwords for additional privacy and security.

Subscribers to TeamViewer's paid plans also get access to dial-in numbers which can be used to join a meeting by phone. However, this feature can be disabled by a meeting host to prevent anyone from accidentally dialing in.

The new TeamViewer Meeting experience can be accessed from the existing TeamViewer client now. It's worth noting that participants will be limited to five for non-paying users while commercial customers will be able to host meetings with up to ten participants. However, optional packages allow users to extend the size of their meetings to up to 50, 100 or 300 participants.

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