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TeamViewer review
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Anyone in need of a complete remote desktop software solution should check out TeamViewer. It is especially suited to medium and large businesses, with the added bonus of excellent security features and a host of communications tools.


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    Really strong security

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    Potent comms tools

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    Ideal for multiple users


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    Costly to implement

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    Might be overly complex for some

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TeamViewer is a very well engineered solution for anyone needing a best remote desktop software package. It has been designed to work quite happily with the likes of Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices and bristles with a raft of great security features. This makes it an ideal choice for medium and larger business, with the requirement for a sizeable user base. 

Using TeamViewer allows employees to enjoy a wealth of remote access and support options, as well as experiencing some of the best day-to-day tools needed for successful collaboration, such as built-in video conferencing. There are packages to suit all budgets, although given its potency and advanced technical edge, TeamViewer could be just a little bit too good for some smaller business ventures.

TeamViewer: Plans and pricing

If you're just looking to inspect what TeamViewer has to offer there’s a free plan for personal use to get started with. This is basic but does let you connect to an unlimited number of non-work devices. Taking that up a notch is the commercially-minded Remote Access Plan, a package that costs $34.90 a month. This allows you to remotely manage up to three work-related devices.

The next set of packages is firmly aimed at business users, but offer flexibility too, depending on the size of your venture. There’s Single User, Multi User and For Teams to choose from, which are all pretty self-explanatory in terms of what they do. The Single User plan is $49 a month, with a license that allows one user to manage up to 200 devices. 

The Multi User plan is ideal for growing companies, with 15 user licenses and access to 300 devices for $99 per month. You also get a strong set of administrative tools, such as sessions logging. The For Teams plan rounds it out with a $199 monthly plan that delivers 30 licenses and access to 500 devices. You also get to enjoy three open remote sessions at the same time. TeamViewer can also tailor custom packages to businesses with more specific needs.

TeamViewer review

TeamViewer offers a range of extra features.  (Image credit: TeamViewer)

TeamViewer: Features and utilities

You’ll get a formidable range of features and functions with any edition of the TeamViewer remote desktop access software. However, it gets better when used with a large number of machines. In that respect it is super flexible, having the ability to work on 127 different types of computer. This includes the usual suspects such as Windows, Mac and Linux, but also extends to iOS and Androij devices too. 

There is also the cross-platform accessibility afforded by TeamViewer, with the ability to connect from Windows to Mac, or Mac to Android tablet and so on. It is very flexible in that respect. Adding more muscle are iOS and Android apps, along with client compatibility with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge web browsers.

TeamViewer: Setup 

Getting up and running with TeamViewer is as easy as it is with most other remote desktop access packages, albeit with heightened security. TeamViewer offers up the ability to initiate text and voice conversations using its own video conferencing software. You can share your screen and collaborate with others to great effect using these tools. 

It is perhaps this part of the TeamViewer package that will appeal most to IT departments and where this software really excels. On top of that, there is the ability to roll it out to many users in one go that will mean it soon justifies its fairly high cost. Being able to set up lots of machines and devices quickly means less time, and therefore less money in the long run.

TeamViewer review

TeamViewer software download. (Image credit: TeamViewer)

TeamViewer: Interface and performance

Although it comes armed with lots of tools, the TeamViewer interface makes it very simple to share files across remote connected devices. This is largely down to the way that TeamViewer has a wonderfully no-nonsense transfer module. You also enjoy the benefit of a synced folder, which lets you drag and drop files without fuss.

TeamViewer review

Using TeamViewer’s remote access software. (Image credit: TeamViewer)

TeamViewer can be used by individuals and smaller businesses, but it comes into its own when being deployed by larger organizations. This is because it can be deployed by an administrator across many networked devices at the same time. This is a hugely labor-saving process and will prove invaluable to IT departments and the staff working in them, due to the easy control it offers.

TeamViewer review

TeamViewer boasts a great range of security features. (Image credit: TeamViewer)

TeamViewer: Security

This is a serious bit of software and, as a result, TeamViewer comes with a whole arsenal of excellent security features that should continue to convince business users of its worth. Unsurprisingly, every remote connection gets protected with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption. TeamViewer has also built up a collection of secured data centers to ensure that your files and other content are kept safe in transit.

Another aspect of TeamViewer that offers piece of mind is the redundant connection process. This means that in order to connect to a new remote computer you have to first log into your TeamViewer account. From there, the new device has to be added to your address book. Making a connection to the device then requires another log in. In practice this is a little tedious, but having a twin layer-style, two-factor sign in helps to make TeamViewer all the more secure. 

IT departments will also revel in the likes of blacklist and whitelist controls allowing precision control over devices connecting to computers within an organisation. There are also randomly generated session passwords with up to 10 characters, making brute force attacks nigh on impossible.

TeamViewer review

TeamViewer offers a selection of different support services. (Image credit: TeamViewer)

TeamViewer: Support

Considering the fact that TeamViewer is aimed more at larger scale users it comes as no surprise to see there are comprehensive support options offered with the packages. There are many different facets to the TeamViewer support structure too, ranging from easy to digest documentation and blogs through to communities and webinar events. 

Naturally, a paid-for account with TeamViewer also gets you phone and email support access, allowing you to speak to a professional or raise a ticket when or if it’s needed.

The competition

Even though TeamViewer is more than ideal for larger businesses, there are plenty of alternatives if your venture is a little smaller. Take a look at the likes of AnyDesk or GoToMyPC, for example. The good thing with AnyDesk is that it can be used by smaller teams that might need to only access a few devices. While it's not so great for remote support purposes, it is a very affordable package to consider. 

Meanwhile, GoToMyPC is another option if you have a larger team to think about. This is also an easier to use option, compared to TeamViewer, which does tend to have more of a complex edge. If you’re looking for an easier learning curve then GoToMyPC might be an option to explore.

TeamViewer: Final verdict

TeamViewer has lots to offer, especially for larger organizations that need the extra muscle for their remote desktop software needs. The pricing structure is certainly geared more towards big firms and those with IT departments. This is made even more of a positive aspect thanks to the way the software can be deployed across multiple machines so easily. 

Then there are the collaborative tools, such as voice, chat and video options, all of which come into their own when you have to deal with multiple employees. There’s also the security factor with TeamViewer, with an array of cool features that help to make it one of the most secure remote desktop software options on the market. All in all, there is much to like about this product.

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