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TeamViewer Remote Desktop Software review

TeamViewer review—smooth remote desktop access with great extra features

TeamViewer review
(Image: © TeamViewer)

TechRadar Verdict

TeamViewer is a beginner-friendly, feature-rich remote desktop management tool that boasts exceptional security features, an intuitive user interface, and a great selection of extra screen sharing and conferencing tools.


  • +

    Beginner-friendly interface

  • +

    Simple setup process


  • -

    Could be expensive for some

  • -

    Limited support services

In our TeamViewer review, we’ve analyzed one of the best remote desktop software programs available. In short, TeamViewer (opens in new tab) is a versatile program that enables users to access computers, network machines, and mobile devices from anywhere. 

One of the main concerns about remote access software is hackers gaining control of your computer without your knowledge. Fortunately, TeamViewer brings numerous security features to the party, including end-to-end AES encryption and brute force protection. 

Additionally, TeamViewer enables you to transfer files between connected devices, screen share, and troubleshoot problems from your chosen computer. 

TeamViewer: Plans and pricing

TeamViewer (opens in new tab) is free for personal use, but you will have to buy a TeamViewer business license (opens in new tab) to use it in a commercial setting. Alongside its free plan, there are three annual subscriptions available for purchase. 

TeamViewer review

TeamViewer offers three subscription levels. (Image credit: TeamViewer)

A Single User plan costs $49.00 per month and allows one licensed user to initiate one session at a time. With a Multi User plan ($99.00 per month), more than one user can create a session. Finally, the For Teams plan ($199.00 per month) enables multiple team members to work with multiple connections through up to three open sessions. 

TeamViewer: Features and utilities

On the simplest level, TeamViewer offers remote computer access and screen share tools. However, it also comes with numerous extra features, which we’ve outlined below. 

For one, TeamViewer enables streamlined cross-platform access. This means, for example, that you can access an Android or iOS phone from a desktop Windows or Apple computer, or vice versa. In addition, TeamViewer enables multiple support technicians or other users to log into the same session. This feature will help you solve complex issues fast and efficiently.

TeamViewer review

TeamViewer offers a range of extra features.  (Image credit: TeamViewer)

Users can also transfer files between devices using the TeamViewer interface. Simply connect using the “file transfer” setting and follow the prompts. Finally, TeamViewer is fully compatible with a range of other network and IoT devices. Using this increased connectivity, you can simplify monitoring and control across your device network.

TeamViewer: Setup 

Setting up your new TeamViewer remote desktop connection manager is extremely straightforward. 

Step 1: Download the software for free from the TeamViewer website, Play Store, or relevant app library according to the device you’re using. 

Step 2: Install the software to your device by following the provided instructions. This is a simple and intuitive process. 

Step 3: Open the software on the two devices you want to connect and follow the prompts.

TeamViewer review

TeamViewer software download. (Image credit: TeamViewer)

The entire setup process—including downloading and installing the software—shouldn’t take you more than 15 to 20 minutes.  

TeamViewer: Interface and performance

Overall, the TeamViewer user interface is extremely beginner-friendly and easy to navigate. To get started, all you have to do is enter the Partner ID of the device you want to control and then request access. Once access is approved, you will have full remote control through your own device.

TeamViewer review

Using TeamViewer’s remote access software. (Image credit: TeamViewer)

In addition, the TeamViewer interface provides a range of insights into the computer or other device you’re connected to. For example, when you connect to an Android device, you will be able to view device information, apps, and connections alongside the actual remote control tab. 

We tested TeamViewer’s performance by connecting a Windows 10 laptop and an Android  smartphone with a 50Mbps connection. There was no lag to speak of, mouse tracking was smooth, and clicks were instantaneous.  

TeamViewer’s remote meeting interface is also quite useful for organizing video and phone meetings and remote presentations. Using its screen share feature, you can project your own computer’s screen to your team members’ devices.

TeamViewer: Security

One of the major concerns with remote access software is accidentally opening a back door for hackers to get into your system. Fortunately, TeamViewer integrates numerous security features to reduce the risk. 

TeamViewer review

TeamViewer boasts a great range of security features. (Image credit: TeamViewer)

For starters, it uses highly secure data centers to reduce the risk of hacking or data breaches. Sessions are also protected with end-to-end 256-bit AES session encryption and RSA public/private key exchange. This prevents unauthorized access to your data stream. 

Additionally, TeamViewer implements password encryption with the Secure Remote Password protocol (SRP). Finally, brute force attack protection is provided to further negate the risk of password hacking. 

In short, TeamViewer’s security is excellent and you shouldn’t worry about your system being compromised if you decide to use it.

TeamViewer: Support

TeamViewer offers a selection of customer service streams, including phone and email support, a knowledge base, and a community forum. Note, however, that phone support is limited to paying users during business hours in selected countries.  

TeamViewer review

TeamViewer offers a selection of different support services. (Image credit: TeamViewer)

Fortunately, all users can submit email support tickets. But, don’t expect to have your issues dealt with immediately if you’re on a free plan. 

If you have an urgent issue, it could be worth checking out TeamViewer’s great knowledge base. Alternatively, draw on the experience of the almost 300,000 members of the TeamViewer family by posting your question on the community forum.

TeamViewer: Final verdict

Overall, TeamViewer is a great all-round remote desktop access program. Alongside its remote access features, it also has a selection of screen sharing, presentation, and file transfer tools. 

And what’s more, TeamViewer includes powerful security features and a very beginner-friendly user interface. Its customer support is a little limited, but with some work, you should be able to find the answers you need in the knowledge base or community forum. 

Ultimately, TeamViewer is a great remote access program that’s a little on the expensive side. However, it does include a free personal license, which means you can try it out before you purchase. It’s a thumbs up from us. 

The competition

TeamViewer is a popular remote access program, but it’s certainly not a cheap option for business. Fortunately, there are numerous more affordable alternatives worth considering. 

If you’re a Windows computer user, Remote Utilities for Windows is a great alternative with free and paid options. It includes numerous premium features and allows you to connect iOS and Android devices to Windows PCs. Unfortunately, it doesn't yet work on Mac or Linux. 

Alternatively, Zoho Assist is a great choice for those who use Mac computers. Prices start from $8 per month compared to TeamViewer’s $49, and it also includes features like file transfer and screen recording.

To see how Teamviewer fare against the competition, check out our Best remote desktop software guide.

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