GoToMyPC review

Get potent though pricey remote desktop access from GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC review
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If you’re looking for a remote desktop access solution that checks all the boxes GoToMyPC is more than capable. However, its ease of use and secure setup is offset somewhat by the relatively high price of the three different package options.


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    Easy to master

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    Safe and secure


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    Relatively expensive

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    Rudimentary interface

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If you need to get set up with the best remote desktop software then GoToMyPC is one option well worth considering. It allows you to access multiple remote computers very quickly, and this can be done without fuss from anywhere. Adding to the overall appeal of GoToMyPC is its ease of use, with a simplistic interface that can be mastered by anyone. 

GoToMyPC has also been around for quite some time, so it has already built up a solid following. While there are many rival remote desktop software products out there, GoToMyPC continues to have appeal. Much of that is down to its versatility and a trio of package options that are suitable for all types of user.

GoToMyPC review

GoToMyPC is available through three different licensing tiers. (Image credit: LogMeIn Inc.)

GoToMyPC: Plans and pricing 

There are three different plans available from GoToMyPC, ranging from Personal to Pro and topped off with a Corporate option. The Personal package is fine if you want a one-user option with one or more computers to access and this currently costs $35 per computer each month. 

GoToMyPC’s most popular package is Pro, which is currently $33 per computer each month and is suited to small teams that need access for multiple users. 

Meanwhile, Corporate is tailored towards larger teams and those that need invoiced billing along with a higher degree of administrative control. This costs $28 per computer each month. All bundles can be trialed for free. If you’ve got super user needs then contact the GoToMyPC sales team.

GoToMyPC review

GoToMyPC includes a bulk file transfer utility.  (Image credit: LogMeIn Inc.)

GoToMyPC: Features and utilities 

On first inspection you might think that GoToMyPC lacks anything particularly striking and the overall look is a little basic. However, scratch under the surface of GoToMyPC and you’ll find it’s got all of the features and functionality you’ll need. It’s quick to use too, which is always a boon, with the option for creating desktop icons of remote machines that can be double-clicked in order to get an express-lane connection. 

There is also drag and drop functionality, a shared clipboard and remote printing for good measure, while the bulk transfer tool is really useful if you’re dealing with large volumes of files. As you’d expect, GoToMyPC can also be used on iOS, Android and even Kindle devices thanks to its app-friendly approach.

GoToMyPC review

When setting up remote access on a computer, you can give it a nickname for easy identification. (Image credit: LogMeIn Inc.)

GoToMyPC: Setup 

Much like other remote desktop access software packages, GoToMyPC takes very little in the way of effort to get up and running. Once you’ve signed up for one of their packages you’ll create an online account, where you can download the remote controller software onto the computer you want to access remotely. 

From there, it’s simply a case of logging on, creating a password and you’ll then be able to use the machine on your access network. Remote computers that have been added in this way can be accessed from any device, with all those available being viewable on the GoToMyPC website, which will give you an overview of any available remote desktops.

GoToMyPC review

The online interface displays a list of your available remote computers. (Image credit: LogMeIn Inc.)

 GoToMyPC: Interface and performance 

GoToMyPC is great in terms of its interface as there is very little to get your head around, although it could do with being spruced up a little on the looks front. Available devices are shown in a list and more in-depth access to account information can be found via a side menu. 

The GoToMyPC viewer software allows you to launch your remote computer and we like the way this can be easily customized. This means that it’s much easier to distinguish between different remote desktops, which is a real plus if you’re working with multiple machines. We’ve been impressed with the stability of connections, even when connecting using cellular devices. Moving larger volumes of files also proves dependable and this is helped with that bulk file transfer tool.

GoToMyPC review

You can turn on two-factor authentication to protect your GoToMyPC web account. (Image credit: LogMeIn Inc.)

GoToMyPC: Security 

Security is crucial when it comes to remote desktop access and GoToMyPC has honed this aspect of its products to great effect over the years. There’s a requirement for a separate online account password and access code for each and every machine, and passwords can’t be used more than once either. 

There’s also the added back up of two-factor authentication, which delivers another layer of security. This is further beefed up with access codes for each remote desktop that are known only to you, rather than GoToMyPC keeping them on file. GoToMyPC now offers LogMeIn Antivirus software with all of its packages, which delivers an added bonus and is a fairly recent addition to the security arsenal.

GoToMyPC review

GoToMyPC’s documentation includes a number of tutorial videos. (Image credit: LogMeIn Inc.)

GoToMyPC: Support

Considering the costs involved with GoToMyPC we’d like to see a little more user-friendliness associated with the support side of things. While GoToMyPC does have a 24/7 support structure, it isn’t always quite so easy to get in touch with them, especially via the phone. 

There are plenty of resources on the website, however, with a searchable database offering the answers to many common queries. You also get the benefit of tutorials, documentation, videos and access to webinars, which makes up for some of the basic shortcomings outlined above.

 The competition

You don't have to look far in order to find plenty of remote desktop access alternatives to GoToMyPC. What’s more, many of them are rather more competitively priced. One such example, especially if you’re an individual is AnyDesk. This is actually free for personal use, while the paid-for edition is only $10.99 per month for one user plus an unlimited number of endpoints. 

Businesses should also consider something like RemoteUtilities for Windows, which has a one-time cost of $99 per user and $29 endpoint for up to 20 remote computers. This is exclusively for Windows machines though, so if you have more demanding needs on all platforms than RemotePC, Parallels Access, LogMeIn Pro or TeamViewer are all worth having their specifications investigated too.

 GoToMyPC: Final verdict

GoToMyPC is commendable enough if you're looking for a very decent remote desktop access package. However, while it comes with all the tools you need, it does also cost quite a lot, no matter which of the packages you’re considering. We like the security built into things here, and the interface is solid enough and certainly easy to use. Whether or not it’s able to justify the asking price though remains to be seen, especially when GoToMyPC is up against lots of competition.

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