LogMeIn Pro review

Business owners will love the remote access power of LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro review
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LogMeIn Pro bristles with plenty of business features, which includes no-nonsense file management, multi monitor support and whiteboarding too. It also comes with 24/7 support, which proves to be a real boon for businesses where lots of employees are planning on making use of its full potential.


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    Great interface

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    Dependable support

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    Solid security


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    Costly for some

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    Little difference between packages

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If you're looking for a business-oriented solution when it comes to the best remote desktop software, LogMeIn Pro is an ideal candidate. It comes armed with lots of business-focused features and functions, all of which revolve around offering safe and secure desktop remote access and control.

Being a dedicated business solution gives LogMeIn Pro the edge over many of its competitors, especially those that offer watered-down editions of their software to meet the needs of home users. LogMeIn Pro comes complete with unlimited user access, a whopping 1TB of file storage and support for multiple monitors. Security is top-notch too.

LogMeIn Pro pricing

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 LogMeIn Pro: Plans and pricing

Although the appeal of LogMeIn Pro will primarily be of interest to business users there is a package focused on lone users. Billed as Individuals, this is a $30 a month bundle that allows access up to two computers. It comes with remote access, unlimited users, remote printing, 1TB file storage and multi-monitor display features. There’s a new LogMeIn Antivirus option as part of the deal too. 

Power Users is up next, which is a $70 per month package that offers access for up to five computers and features all of the functionality delivered with the Individuals package. It does add on three free licenses to LastPass Premium too, which lets you manage your passwords with ease, as opposed to one free option on the cheaper deal. 

Larger business concerns should head straight for the $129 a month Small Businesses package. This allows access to up to ten computers and benefits from five free licenses to LastPass Premium.

LogMeIn Pro review features

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LogMeIn Pro: Features and utilities 

Users of LogMeIn Pro regularly enthuse about its range of features and functions, all of which are perfectly suited to businesses of all shapes and sizes. The added extra is that LogMeIn Pro has been very nicely designed, so you can get quick and easy access to your files on multiple devices. 

There’s a neat split display that offers up a straightforward preview of files and their locations. Moving said files and folders can be done with drag-and-drop efficiency and is so much more convenient than sending content via email, for example. 

The other great thing about LogMeIn Pro is its responsiveness. Some programs tend to suffer from lag, but the way this setup has been engineered means that progress is generally swift. A Wake On LAN feature assists if your host computer is asleep. Meanwhile, Whiteboard Drawing lets you pick out items on-screen, which is a boon if you’re working with colleagues. There’s a Screen Record option too, using AVI output.

Another key ingredient in the LogMeIn Pro tool arsenal is Multi Monitor Support. This offers up access to multiple monitors, either via a single screen or if you need to give host-to-client support. The good thing about this is programs and files remain in their original layout as you work.

LogMeIn Pro getting started

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LogMeIn Pro: Setup 

We explored both of the setup options within the LogMeIn Pro configuration area and either makes for a quick and easy route. You’ll need to install the LogMeIn Pro Control Panel on the machine you wish to access. The LogMeIn Client software can be installed on Mac or Windows computers, along with iOS or Android devices too. We’re talking a few minutes to get this setup completed, making LogMeIn Pro very competitive in the no-hassle stakes.

LogMeIn Pro secure connections to host computers.

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LogMeIn Pro: Interface and performance

Considering its beefy set of features and functions, LogMeIn Pro is actually really easy to use and much of this is down to its simple interface. If you're new to the software it’s useful to try out the Getting Started tab, which helps you familiarize yourself with many of the everyday tools. It’ll get you connected in no time. 

Similarly handy is the way it’s possible to send an invitation to a colleague, allowing them to view or control your machine as and when it’s needed. Abuse of this feature can be easily prevented too, thanks to a secure, time-sensitive link option, which limits the period of remote access. 

Client side access provides a view of all available computers and the subsequent access that is available. Another solid aspect here is the way that everything is nicely synced, including if you access via a mobile device or simply a desktop computer. LogMeIn Pro has been around long enough now that all of this is delivered painlessly and very efficiently too, again with little in the way of lag.

LogMeIn Pro managing user profiles and access

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LogMeIn Pro: Security 

Being secure in a remote desktop access environment is another big consideration when choosing the right package for your business. LogMeIn has been in existence for years, so it’s fair to say that the levels of security continue to be excellent too. Host and client communications, and everything going backwards and forwards, is protected under the umbrella of SST/TLS (OpenSSL) security, which is akin to that used in the banking world. 

We’re also big fans of the LogMeIn Pro attention to detail when it comes to wider security. For example, unusual activity or failed log in attempts can be sent to you, or an IT manager as alerts. Similarly, managers can revoke user permissions when needed, either on a one-to-one basis or across an entire company user base.

LogMeIn Pro knowledge base with documentation and guides

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LogMeIn Pro: Support 

If you’re a company owner or someone in an IT department that needs to deal with staff on a daily basis then support is always a plus. In that respect, LogMeIn Pro is especially appealing as it continues to offer telephone support. It can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Better yet, it’s available in over 15 different languages, which makes LogMeIn Pro one of the best remote access options out there in that respect. 

On top of that excellent support, LogMeIn Pro comes with plenty of user guides, articles on how best to milk its inner most secrets and, if all that wasn’t enough, there are community forums. Having been around for a while now, it’s safe to say that help and advice is always there if you need it. 

LogMeIn Pro: The competition 

Anyone looking for the best remote desktop access products will not be able to bypass LogMeIn Pro, but there are plenty of alternatives worth considering. That’s especially so if you’re not overly enthralled by the pricing of LogMeIn Pro’s three bundle options. A better value option may be Zoho Assist, which has an enterprise package that offers plenty of flexibility on the connectivity front, but for little in the way of outlay. 

Elsewhere, Remote Desktop Manager isn't cheap, but offers up lots of more sophisticated options for IT departments that need to manage differing levels of access more precisely. Zoho Assist is also good in that respect and that even has plenty of tools for offering customer support options too. Nevertheless, if you're happy to pay for the privilege, LogMeIn Pro will more than meet the needs of many businesses.

LogMeIn Pro: Final verdict 

One of the most appealing aspects of LogMeIn Pro has to be the great level of customer support on offer. If you're a beleaguered IT manager, this feature alone will probably convince you to give it a go. However, LogMeIn Pro continues to have a fine set of features and functions, all of which makes it universally appealing, especially with the fairly bulletproof security features that also come as part of the package. Said packages are quite pricey though.

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