Zoho Assist review

Get flexible and affordable remote support with Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist review
Zoho Assist was designed to simplify remote access support.
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There’s no doubting the simple appeal of Zoho Assist, even though it does lack the muscle required by larger companies. This is especially so if you need to have remote access for more than 25 computers. Any business under that level though, and with a desire to offer customer support using a slimline level of staffing should find it solid value.


  • +

    Web-based platform

  • +

    Good level of security

  • +

    Affordable packages


  • -

    Not suited to larger companies

  • -

    Free plan understandably basic

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The best remote desktop software can be used in a variety of ways, including for customer support duties. Zoho Assist is one such product, which does just that but also has a few other tricks up its sleeve too. The business-focused software product is hugely useful for offering up a raft of remote access tools, which makes it lots of friends with IT departments at companies too. 

Zoho Assist is a fast and efficient solution that can be tailored to suit the needs of different businesses. Once it has been set up and configured, Zoho Assist allows anyone authorized to carry out such tasks to tackle customer technical queries, collaborate with colleagues, streamline workflow practices and, ultimately, cut back on expenditure too.

 Zoho Assist: Plans and pricing

Currently, you can choose from four remote support plans, along with two unattended access plans, plus the aforementioned single user free support plan. That is limited, however, whereas the other plans offer much greater flexibility.

Zoho Assist review

Multiple options allow you to pick the plan that suits your needs. (Image credit: Zoho)

Zoho produces software to suit companies across the business spectrum and Zoho Assist is just one product that can be combined with others in the portfolio to deliver a complete solution. However, you can also use Zoho Assist on its own, in a solo capacity. The great thing with Zoho Assist is this flexibility, but it’s also keenly priced.

While Zoho Assist might come up a little short for larger concerns – it’s limited for use with under 25 computers, it is perfectly suited for use by medium-sized businesses, especially those with their own IT departments. So, for example, Zoho Assist is ideal if you run technical support operations for other clients. This practice, which is commonplace, is just the sort of scenario where Zoho Assist works best. There’s even a free plan that will get any business started or allow anyone to give it a trial run before upgrading and enjoying more features.

Zoho Assist: Features and utilities 

Zoho Assist certainly comes with everything needed by the smaller business that needs to make use of a remote support platform. In fact, it’s particularly popular for offering the ability to have one employee managing up to six remote support sessions at the same time. 

That’s a real bonus if you run a slimline support team. Of course, Zoho Assist still manages to pack in lots of other practical features and functions too, including built-in file transfer, remote power control and several communications tools.

Zoho Assist review

Zoho Assist is feature-rich and quite comprehensive. (Image credit: Zoho)

Using Zoho Assist lets you transfer files of up to 2GB too and this can be done with drag and drop simplicity using either an unattended access session or remote support. Other practical features and functions include the ability to share your screen when needed, control a remote computer’s power settings and the there’s an option for logging a user on and off without interrupting your connected session. The same usefulness comes with the wake-on-LAN option offering the ability to fire up a PC if it’s off, or just sleeping.

Zoho Assist: Setup 

The really practical aspect of Zoho Assist is the ease with which you can get it up and running. In fact, this being a web-based platform, there’s not actually all that much to do in terms of configuration. Devices that are set to be connected to your remote network will need to have the Zoho Assist software downloaded, but the installation process is very simple.

 Zoho Assist: Interface and use

Using Zoho Assist is all about being connected and doing that is easy too. In order to connect to another computer you’ll need the users email address or have them as one of your contacts. Once connected you have a neat and tidy array of tools on display within the interface. 

Zoho Assist review

Easily navigate the various screens and tabs on the UI. (Image credit: Zoho)

This includes the likes of chat, voice and video conferencing tools and Zoho has done a great job making the interface very usable, while still not skimping on the power tools needed to offer support to customers. Support sessions can also be scheduled too, which is undeniably handy, as is the way that reminders can be configured to help anyone who might otherwise have missed an engagement.

Zoho Assist: Security

Anyone wanting to stay safe and secure should find that Zoho Assist ticks all of the right boxes. That’s because it makes use of 256-bit end-to-end AES encryption, which is also good to know if you’re employing a remote connection. Another nod to security is the way a connection will be terminated automatically if it hasn't been used for a certain amount of time, while all remote connections are recorded using a logging system. Meanwhile, technician accounts enjoy the benefit of 2FA protection.

Zoho Assist review

Zoho Assists security features are enterprise-grade. (Image credit: Zoho)

Zoho Assist: Support 

Zoho is well-known for its very dependable levels of support, which if you’ve signed up for a contract with them should mean you and your staff are well covered in times of crisis. However, Zoho Assist is a very straightforward package to use, even in its beefier incarnations so calls, emails or ticket-raising request should hopefully be seldom. Nevertheless, Zoho has the full range of contact options available should you require them.

Zoho Assist review

Zoho Assist offers help and support via multiple sources and channels. (Image credit: Zoho)

The competition 

As mentioned at the top of the page, there are numerous other options when it comes to remote desktop software space. If you’re after remote access products and not those with specific customer support tools then it’s a good idea to investigate the likes of RemotePC, Parallels Access, Logmein Pro, TeamViewer or Gotomypc, as well as Anydesk. Any one of these products offer remote desktop tools and all are popular with many business users.

Zoho Assist: Final verdict 

This is a remote desktop software solution that continues to improve and get better with age. Zoho Assist might lack the real muscle that very large concerns will need, but there is plenty here that will appeal to mid-size businesses that require a simple to use but potent solution. 

Zoho continues to make improvements to its Zoho Assist software too, with better options now available for people who want to make file transfers using the iOS and Android mobile editions. The same goes for the way you can work closely with Slack too. And, this being Zoho, there is solid support and integration if you use other products in the portfolio, such as Zoho CRM.

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