Tangram’s “Smart Rope” wants you skipping towards a healthier life

There’s a plethora of products on display at MWC 2018, but nothing made us stop and do a double-take faster than when we came across the Smart Rope.

This is the fitness product you never knew you wanted. Smart Rope is a jump rope from Korea-based company Tangram, with twenty three embedded LED lights that show you how many jumps you’ve currently accomplished each time you use it.

The system automatically detects how fast you’re jumping, and adjusts the LED pulses accordingly, so that you can always see your jump counter no matter how fast you’re jumping or how bright your environment is. Here’s a quick look at the Smart Rope in action:

When paired via Bluetooth with the company’s Smart Gym app for iOS or Android, you can do things such as keep an eye on how many calories you’ve burned, follow quick interval training sessions, or even compete against your friends to see who’s got the highest jump count for that week.

At the moment the Smart Rope is only capable of displaying the jump counter, but the company has promised that a future update will allow it to display calories burned as well as custom icons for session progress and achievements.

 The Smart Rope is rechargeable via a microUSB cable (which strangely isn’t included in the packaging), with a full two-hour charge giving you about 48 hours of skipping joy. It currently ships in four different colors – Chrome, Gold, Black, and Red, with optional silicon soft-grip covers coming in Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, and Neutral. There’s also the “Smart Rope Pure”, which doesn’t include the LEDs, but still allows you to pair via the app to track your progress.

The Smart Rope is priced at $80, while the Smart Rope Pure comes in at $60.

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