HTC Flyer hits UK pre-order with April release date

Stock of the HTC Flyer is expected mid April start counting down the days

An online retailer has announced that it is expecting the HTC Flyer UK release date to be mid-April when it is scheduled to receive its first stock of the tablet.

The retailer in question is Clove, which has opened its pre-order page for HTC's Android 3.0, pressure-sensitive stylus-toting tablet.

Clove has made similar announcements about other products in the past, the Samsung Galaxy S II for example, only for expected stock dates to be quietly pushed back, so we won't be taking this as gospel.

All about the money money money

Pricing for the 3G-enabled version of the tablet has also been set at £600, although it's worth noting that the official HTC Flyer UK price is yet to be confirmed and could end up costing you more.

A German retailer also took a punt on HTC Flyer pricing recently, listing the Wi-Fi only model at £423 (€499). Meanwhile, listed the 3G model at £563 (€669).

However, we'll hold off on writing any cheques until we hear from HTC itself.

Via T3