Sky News chief: tablets represent the future for digital news

Sky News app for iPad - focused and slick
Sky News app for iPad - focused and slick

Sky News supremo John Ryley has insisted that the arrival of a made-to-measure iPad app is one of the most important events in the company's history, and that tablets represent the future of digital news.

The Sky News app for iPad has arrived in a blaze of glory, with an innovative interface that is built around the headline stories of the day – with each story becoming a hub of video content, pictures, features, timelines, text reports and graphics.

There is also a live feed of Sky News but, curiously no categories, so unless the sport of technology news is in the top few stories of the day it simply won't be covered, and the app will not function without an internet connection.

Important development

"With more and more of our viewers embracing mobile devices to stay connected to the news, the launch of Sky News for iPad is one of the most important developments in Sky News' history," suggested Ryley.

Sky news app for ipad

"I think that tablets represent the future of digital news. This is Sky News, we're a live broadcaster - and the big thing about tablets is they offer people choice, be it in this room or in the café up the road, to find out instantly what's happening or go back in time and see how it happened."

Ryley believes that a service that is all about live information is the key, and that focusing on a handful of stories plays to the Sky News strengths, insisting that it is not narrowing the news agenda.

Playing to our strengths

"Sky news is a live broadcaster," said Ryley in answer to TechRadar's question about coverage.

"It's about covering the main stories in as much detail as we can muster, and the app plays to our strengths.

"A big news story means weather or sport takes second place."

Sky's John Jelley – an executive producer who has been tasked with leading the iPad product over the past year added: "There's a lot of very good weather apps out there, and the Sky Sports News app is fantastic.

"There aren't many big stories around today, with Japan and Libya dominating the agenda.

"We're not trying to do everything, we're trying to offer a really immersive experience.

"And the thing about apps is that it's probably better to focus a little bit."

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