Surfshark launches antivirus to go alongside your VPN

Surfshark One
(Image credit: Surfshark)

In addition to securing your internet connection with its VPN service, Surfshark is now able to protect your devices from online threats as the company has launched a new cybersecurity bundle which also contains antivirus software.

Surfshark Antivirus comes included as part of the company's new Surfshark One cybersecurity bundle. However, alongside its VPN and new antivirus software, the package also includes a data leak detection system called Surfshark Alert and a private search tool called Surfshark Search.

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CEO of Surfshark, Vytautas Kaziukonis explained in a press release how the company has always wanted to provide its customers with other security solutions in addition to its VPN service, saying:

“Most of cybersecurity solutions available in the market tend to be overly complicated. That’s why Surfshark works on humanizing digital security and making it hassle-free from the user’s perspective. We’ve always intended to offer more than just a VPN. Naturally, the antivirus expands the scope of user security beyond online protection to securing people’s devices. At the same time, Surfshark One bundle comes as an all round package that includes all four of our solutions into a single application.”

Surfshark One

Surfshark Antivirus provides users with device protection from malware, viruses and privacy-intrusive apps which may operate without permission on their Android smartphones and PCs.

Surfshark's antivirus software also includes full and quick virus scan options as well as the ability to exclude certain files or folders from being scanned. At the same time though, Surfshark Antivirus, which is currently available for Android and Windows, provides real-time protection when opening files or using and installing apps.

To help its users stay protected online, Surfshark is offering its new Surfshark One bundle for just an additional $1.49 each month to existing Surfshark VPN subscribers regardless of when their accounts were created. However, users that already have Surfshark Search and Surfshark Alert can add the company's antivirus to their subscriptions for a third of the bundle's price, just $0.49 per month.

Now that Surfshark has launched its own antivirus and a new suite of cybersecurity tools, it wouldn't be surprising if the company also decides to release its own password manager or even a privacy-focused browser in the future.

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