Star Wars Jedi: Survivor release date, trailers, gameplay, and news

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Cal and pal look out over a vista
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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is out now, offering up a robust sequel that improves on its predecessor in many ways.

Respawn Entertainment’s follow-up to Jedi: Fallen Order released for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC and continues the story of Cal Kestis five years after the original game. Characters from the first game make a return, as the crew goes up against a new threat. Check out our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review to hear what we thought of the game!

Here's everything you need to know about the game, including trailers, gameplay details and more.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: cut to the chase

  •  What is it? The sequel to 2019’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.  
  •  What can I play it on? PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC
  •  When can I play it? Out now!

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: release date and platforms

A mysterious bacta tank

(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars: Jedi: Survivor launched on April 29, 2023, for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

Jedi: Survivor was originally scheduled for release on March 17, 2023, however, developer Respawn announced in January 2023 that the game would release on April 28, 2023, so that the action-adventure could “hit the studio’s quality bar”.  You can pre-order Star Wars Jedi: Survivor right now.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor trailers

The latest trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the final gameplay trailer to be released before launch.

It looks like enigmatic dark force user Merrin and grumpy starship pilot Greez are both back and will join Cal on adventures that will take him all across the galaxy. It also looks like Respawn will continue its trend of letting us explore iconic Star Wars locations by taking us to Coruscant: the Imperial capital. Thanks to the Empire, if you're a Jedi, this is one of the deadliest places you could possibly go.   

We’ve included a bunch of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor trailers throughout this article, but, if you want to see all the trailers that have released so far then you can find them  on the EA Star Wars YouTube channel.   

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor story and setting

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor continues the story of Cal Kestus, a Jedi who survived the culling of his order by fleeing to the outskirts of the galaxy. In Jedi: Fallen Order, we find out that Cal can’t escape the long arm of the Empire, and soon finds himself fighting for his life against the forces of the Inquisition. Working with another Jedi-in-exile, Cal struggles to rebuild the Jedi Order.

Set five years after Fallen Order, Jedi: Survivor continues Cal’s story. According to the game’s website, our hero has become a fully-fledged Jedi Knight. However, Cal is still haunted by “the memories and expectations of the Jedi Order”. On top of all that, it looks like he’ll be bringing the fight to the Empire in a new way.  

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gameplay

Cal and a foe cross blades

(Image credit: EA)

Jedi: Survivor continues in the tradition of its predecessor, offering responsive third-person action, tight-paced lightsabre duels, and satisfying Force powers. Though we don’t yet have much in the way of concrete details, the gameplay we’ve seen in Jedi: Survivor’s trailers indicates that the satisfying Soulsborne hacking and slashing from the original is back. We can likely expect customizable force power trees, and a rest system reminiscent of the sites of grace from Elden Ring.    

However, game director Stig Asmussen has dropped more than a few hints as to new mechanics which will feature in Jedi: Survivor. In an interview with Game Rant in December 2022, Asmussen explained Cal will be able to employ five Lightsaber stances, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. These include the standard single saber, dual sabers, a Darth Maul-esque saber staff, a crossguard saber, and a saber/blaster combo. 

Fans of Star Wars will note that the last style is a stark departure from Jedi orthodoxy. After all, Obi-Wan himself criticized the “clumsy and random” nature of a blaster. Still, in keeping with the gritty tone of the series, it looks like Cal is doing whatever it takes to survive, even it if means flying in the face of centuries of Jedi convention. 

Thanks to some recent previews, and a post on PS Blog, we have a better idea as to the structure of some of the new planets in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Koboh is a lush, open area with a settlement where Cal can kick back and meet the locals. There's rideable mounts this time around, and even a fast travel system.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor news

Cal hangs off a ledge, a man offers him a hand up

(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor director wants a full-on trilogy
In a recent interview, game director Stig Asmussen hinted at plans for a third game

Speaking with IGN, Asmussen made it clear that he'd "always wanted to see [the series as a trilogy". Though Respawn hasn't committed to anything official yet, it's great to know that the team has been thinking well in advance when it comes to their vision for the series' overarching storyline.

Respawn director explains why Star Wars Jedi: Survivor won’t be on Xbox One and PS4
In an increasingly common trend, it looks like folks on PS4 and Xbox One won’t be able to get their hands on the latest chapter in Cal Kestis’s adventure. 

In a recent interview, game director Stig Asmussen made it clear that Jedi: Survivor’s developers wanted to “take advantage of the faster processors, larger/faster memory, better loading times, etc., to create much larger maps, with more detail, greater density, broader enemy/NPC variety, and overall fidelity”. 

Now that you know all there is to know about Star Wars Jedi Survivor, why not check out everything we know about Star Wars Outlaws, an upcoming game set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

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