Squarespace wants to help you build a website much quicker than before

Squarespace Blueprint
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Website builder provider Squarespace has launched a guided website design system with an upgraded set of styling options and a new layout for building a site.

Similar to many other website design services on the market, Squarespace Blueprint works by its customers answering questions about the type of website they want to build, which works as the foundation for the type of personalization features Squarespace offers.

The tool combines multiple template elements together to create a tailor-made starting point for businesses and individuals looking to build a site.

Squarespace Blueprint

(Image credit: Squarespace)

 Squarespace simplifies site building 

Available in English only for the time being, Squarespace Blueprint includes a five-step online experience for real-time design choices, design direction at every step, and access to layouts, color palettes, and font options.

Users would need to know the name of the site they plan on creating, as well as an idea on the type of pages they will require, for example, a contact page, ecommerce capabilities, forms or social media integration.

It also comes with a live preview of the website as it's being built, progress tracking, an operational website with access to the Squarespace website builder toolkit and Fluid Engine editor.

“We believe that design is the ultimate competitive advantage for anyone looking to build a successful brand or business. Squarespace Blueprint unlocks more than a billion design combinations, allowing anyone to express a creative vision or brand identity more easily than ever before,” said a Squarespace spokesperson.

“Customers select from a menu of design-forward layouts, fonts, and colors before further customizing website content in the Squarespace platform and publishing online.”

Squarespace also told TechRadar Pro that the new website design system comes at no additional cost.

Squarespace claims that the roll out of other languages for Squarespace Blueprint will be available soon but have given no exact date or time frame.

The website design system is available for new or existing Squarespace customers and can access Squarespace Blueprint via desktop only.

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