Sony MHC-V21D is the budget solution for a portable yet powerful party speaker


Sony recently added another interesting product to its audio line-up in India. It’s the MHC-V21D portable speaker system with Bluetooth, USB and NFC connectivity. 

The Bluetooth-enabled speaker is aimed to deliver powerful audio output on the go as it has a built-in carry handlebar that lets you lug it around effortlessly. Sony also fuses the illuminating light feature seen on some other high-end Sony speakers in the past. 

Unlike conventional portable speakers, this one is equipped with an  in-built DVD player, that can play high-quality content through HDMI. It also comes equipped with LDAC that is claimed to transfer three times more data than any conventional Bluetooth.

Furthermore, Sony has introduced some fun features for those who like to get creative with audio. Users can play with DJ effects to mix and produce their own music tracks using different preloaded effects like flanger, wah, isolator and pan. These can be used to play with frequencies, create flanging effects, sweep sound across speakers and more. There’s also a Fiestable app to use party features like DJ Control, DJ effect, Samplers and equaliser. 

We’ve seen Sony’s interesting motion control feature on high-end audio products previously, but the company did not miss them on this as well. It allows them to control their system with just a motion of their smartphones. DJ effects, play/pause and volume options can all be handled by motion control function.

The audio system is also powered with Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) which is said to boost the quality of any compressed music files.

Lastly, it also gets support for Sony’s music centre app, and wireless party chain feature that allow users to pair up to 50 compatible speakers. 

How and where to buy?

The new party system is priced at Rs 18,990 and is available at electronics retail stores across the country as well as on Amazon and Flipkart.

Sony is also bundling Sony F-V120 microphone with the speaker, but the offer will be valid only for a limited period of time.