Some OnePlus 7 Pro users are reporting issues with the phone's touchscreen

Image credit: TechRadar

Some OnePlus 7 Pro models are apparently exhibiting hardware problems just days after release, in the form of phantom touchscreen taps that apps seem to respond to but which haven't been made.

As reported by Android Police, the mysterious ghost touches don't seem to correspond to one particular app or one particular scenario – it's almost like they come out of nowhere.

Whether or not you've already got a OnePlus 7 Pro to hand, you can check out the forum posts, Twitter tweets and YouTube clips that describe and demonstrate the issue. At this stage it's hard to say how widespread it is.

Updates, updates, updates

All eyes are now on OnePlus to see if this is a problem it can solve in a reasonable timeframe. The OnePlus 7 Pro has already had a major software update pushed out to it, in part to improve the gaming experience.

The phone is also due another update in the next few days that should help the flagship handset take better photos, especially in low light conditions.

It's at least reassuring that OnePlus is actively pushing out patches for the OnePlus 7 Pro at a steady rate – but less reassuring that there seem to be a relatively high number of bugs and issues that need addressing.

The OnePlus 7 Pro screen has a faster-than-normal refresh rate of 90Hz for extra responsiveness, which might be part of the phantom tap problem. We'll update you as and when new details emerge.

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