The 10-step Internet Safety Plan

Macafee's guide is full of genuinely useful and easy-to-understand safety guidelines

Malware specialist McAfee has launched a handy new ‘10-step Internet Safety Plan eBook’ to educate computer users about the latest threats and potential dangers lurking in the darkest depths of the internet.

For more advanced users, the guide may well seem to state the obvious, though for the majority of computer users out there it’s full of genuinely useful and easy-to-understand “safety guidelines for kids, ‘tweens’, teens, and novices”.

Todd Gebhart, senior vice president and general manager, McAfee Consumer, Mobile and Small Business, says:

“The days when people went online only to gather information and send email have changed—the internet is now an indispensable part of our daily lives. Cyberspace is an exciting environment full of opportunity, but it is also increasingly risky, with numerous threats emerging daily.

On-guard, parents!

“Parents need to be on guard whenever their children venture online, so we’ve developed some simple steps to help ensure that young people’s online experiences are safe and pleasant. We’ve also designed a quiz that parents can encourage ‘tweens’ and teens to take so they can better understand what online behaviour is safe and what is risky.”

Teens and kids are known to engage in “risky” online behaviour, claims McAfee. According to the firm, a worrying “45 per cent of young people said someone they’ve never met has asked them for personal information online”.

McAfee’s 10-step Internet Safety Plan eBook is available online through the McAfee Advice Centre

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