Windows Phone 8.1 briefly teased on Microsoft's own website

Windows Phone 8
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Between updates leaking from the company's own servers and a cavalcade of details on its next mobile OS release, Microsoft apparently needs a plumber to plug all the holes, including one on its very own Windows Phone website.

Ubergizmo spotted a curious mention of the rumored Windows Phone 8.1 update from an unlikely source: Microsoft's website portal dedicated to promoting its mobile smartphone OS.

The leak was captured in a screenshot, where both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 references were seen hanging out above the "four reasons to choose a Windows Phone" graphic.

The Windows Phone 8.1 reference has since vanished from the US website, but its brief appearance lends credibility to rumors Microsoft will make the update official sometime during its upcoming Build developer conference, which kicks off April 2.

Windows Phone 8.1

Can't miss that (credit: Ubergizmo)

8.1 and lots of fun

Windows Phone 8.1 rumors date back to last fall, and the mobile operating system update has already popped up on the radar with Bluetooth 4.0 certification and a variety of other leaked details.

The forthcoming changes are said to include an Android and iOS-style notification center, a new Siri-like voice assistant codenamed Cortana and even support for removable USB flash drives.

Rumors have also been swirling in recent months that Microsoft may absorb its underpowered, tablet-centric Windows 8.1 RT into the Windows Phone platform, although there are no confirmed signs this will be happening right away.

Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to be unveiled at Microsoft's Build conference in less than two weeks, but an imminent public rollout appears less likely, at least until developers have time to put the update through its paces first.

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