What is it really like to use Windows 10?

Hello and Command Prompt

New systems that ship with Windows 10 and support biometric security hardware will enable you to use a fingerprint, face scan or iris scan to log into Windows and apps, websites and networks. This is called Windows Hello. There's a new Command Prompt, too – no big deal, you might say, but you're now able to properly select text and copy and paste in and out. [Ctrl]+[V] really will work. Text also re-flows as the window is resized.

The verdict

Essentially, Windows 10 is everything we wanted Windows 8 to be, but wasn't. There are several reasons why we think it will be a success. There are the welcoming arms Microsoft is holding out to developers (if Microsoft can't make this work, it's a problem). Then there's the fact it is a free download for owners of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

But above all, there's the fact it just works. If Windows 8 was the steepest learning curve imaginable, Windows 10 is like meeting a great friend you once knew, but they've bought some new clothes and you really do approve.

Graham Barlow
Senior Editor, AI

Graham is the Senior Editor for AI at TechRadar. With over 25 years of experience in both online and print journalism, Graham has worked for various market-leading tech brands including Computeractive, PC Pro, iMore, MacFormat, Mac|Life, Maximum PC, and more. He specializes in reporting on everything to do with AI and has appeared on BBC TV shows like BBC One Breakfast and on Radio 4 commenting on the latest trends in tech. Graham has an honors degree in Computer Science and spends his spare time podcasting and blogging.