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OS X Snow Leopard with all-new QuickTime

Snow Leopard looks like bringing lots of nice little frills

Mac fans will know Windows 7 isn't the only shiny new operating system due out this summer - they're more likely to be looking forward to Apple's OS X 10.6, or Snow Leopard.

The latest new feature to leak out ahead of release is an addition to QuickTime that will please software developers - a utility that records anything happening on the screen as a video.

Cash saver

Anyone needing to create tutorials or how-to videos will now be able to dispense with third-party applications and do so from the File menu of the new QuickTime X Player, which will at least save a few bob.

Intriguingly, the technology behind QuickTime X is based on the multimedia software developed for the iPhone. In other words, the end result is sure to be simple to use, yet powerful.