Next preview build of Windows 10 could boast some major changes

Windows 10

If you're losing patience a bit with the lack of changes in recent preview builds of Windows 10 from Microsoft, then the good news is that the next build could usher in some more serious tweaks.

As you may well be aware, the reason why Microsoft has only been making very minor adjustments to Windows 10 in recent times is because it's been working on the underlying core of the OS rather than adding new features.

Rumours from within Redmond also indicate that time has been spent revamping the way in which preview builds are put together internally, to help speed deployment to Fast Ring insiders.

All this has detracted from the amount of time that could be spent working on new additions for the OS, but that may be about to change. As WinBeta reports, a website which tracks Windows 10 build numbers being tested at Microsoft ( shows that the version number has just jumped from 11107 to 14251.

Big leap

That's a big leap from the low 11100's we've been stuck in for a little while now, and you'd hope there's a reason for that jump. Namely that this upcoming build has a number of significant changes applied.

Of course, there's no actual proof of this or any potential changes that might be incoming, but it's certainly a promising sign.

Maybe we'll see extensions for the Edge browser arrive for one thing, as these were rumoured to be pitching up early this year, as we reported last month.

Note that the latest preview build pushed out to the Fast Ring made a small and useful tweak to Edge, but it also caused some bother for gamers potentially triggering crashes with popular titles such as Fallout 4.

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