New Windows 10 features being delayed as Microsoft tinkers under the bonnet?

Windows 10

Microsoft's next major update for Windows 10 due in the first half of this year, which is codenamed Redstone – and follows on from last November's big update – might not have all the features we'd hoped for on board.

Indeed, some features may be delayed because Microsoft has been focusing on working with OneCore, the underlying structure of the operating system, and also reshaping the way that preview builds are put together within Redmond.

In other words, the company is reprioritising things to work more on fixing and stabilising the core of the OS rather than adding features on top – and ensuring that preview builds are put together in a faster and more streamlined manner going forward.

Feature trimming

This information comes from multiple sources within Microsoft who spoke to Petri. It all ties in with Gabe Aul's recent mention of major changes being made to OneCore, and the talk of Microsoft planning to speed up delivery of preview builds to Fast Ring insiders.

So this all makes sense given what we've previously heard, and due to the increased work on these technical aspects, some features for Redstone have been "trimmed back" according to the sources. Nothing has been scrapped, the report makes clear, but due to juggling these various balls some Windows 10 features may not arrive as soon as was hoped.

There's no mention of what these potentially delayed features may be, but hopefully it won't be any of the big stuff.

This might sound slightly disappointing on the face of it, but hopefully Microsoft has now laid the groundwork for the faster delivery of previews, and subsequently the swifter introduction of features down the line.

Via: Microsoft News

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