Intel gives first look at MeeGo interface

Nokia and Intel announced MeeGo at Mobile World Congress

MeeGo has been given its first proper outing at Intel's Developer Forum in Beijing.

While Nokia and Intel announced the merger of Moblin and Maemo back at Mobile World Congress in February, there were no demos at the event and only minimal details.

So here are some screenshots of the OS, courtesy of Engadget. We know what you're thinking – Windows Phone 7. And we'd have to agree, the furniture does look very similar to Microsoft's new mobile OS.


However, because these screenshots are from a device such as the Nokia N900, there's a lot more screen real estate then there would be on a traditional mobile handset. Also scroll down for a vid of MeeGo in action on a netbook.

Nokia told TechRadar at Mobile World Congress that MeeGo was very much orientated towards mobile computing devices such as the N900 rather than standard mobile phones and that MeeGo wasn't trying to pull the rug from under Symbian.


The joint venture hasn't been slow to attract support - Acer, Asus, BMW, EA Mobile, Gameloft, Novell, PixArt, Red Flag, ST-Ericsson, Tencent, TurboLinux, VietSoftware, Wind River, WTEC, and Xandros are among the extensive list namechecked by Intel.

"Acer was an enthusiastic adopter of Moblin and we're excited about Moblin's evolution into the MeeGo software platform," said Jim Wong, senior corporate vice president and president of IT Products Global Operations at Acer.

"We're looking forward to ecosystem innovation that will be enabled by the open nature of MeeGo."

S.Y. Shian, vice president and general manager of Notebook Business Unit at Asus added. "As the netbook market grows, Asus is continually exploring offerings that optimize this computing experience and address the specific needs of today's netbook customers."

The first release of MeeGo is expected in the second quarter of this year with applications available in both Intel's AppUp Center and Nokia's Ovi Store.

Via Engadget.


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