HP introduces webOS 1.0

HP Touchpad
HP's promised webOS 1.0 arrived today

This past January, HP promised users they would deliver webOS by September - finally bringing the anticipated open source software to the public.

At the time, Bill Veghte, HP's executive vice president and chief strategy officer, was looking forward to the impact webOS would have on the development community.

"This is a decisive step toward meeting our goal of accelerating the platform's development and ensuring that its benefits will be delivered to the entire ecosystem of web applications," Veghte said.

Now that webOS 1.0 is here, HP can finally show off just how the operating system will work, and what it can offer.

Enyo 2 support, OpenEmbedded emulation

In a post on the webOS blog, HP's team discussed what it means to deliver webOS 1.0.

"Our combined efforts with the community and hard work have paid off, and we are now ready to move on to the next phase together."

"With this release we have affirmed our commitment to meet our goals and create a vibrant open source community."

Included in webOS 1.0 are 75 different components, including email, web browsing, and support for Enyo 2.

webOS 1.0 also comes with and Open Embedded build, which allows a full webOS experience running inside an OE emulator.

YouTube : http://youtu.be/Sy_MWog3ltw

webOS' future

Despite just launching webOS 1.0, HP already has plans for what will come to the open source software down the line.

Integration for Qt5 and WebKit2 development tools are planned, as is compatibility with ConnMan network management.

There are also plans to add the BlueZ Bluetooth stack, along with more open sourced components for audio and media.

How long it will take for those additions to come along isn't clear just yet, but HP is definitely taking their commitment to webOS seriously, and hopes the community will as well.

Via HotHardWare, HP