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Hands on: Ubuntu 8.10 review

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Our sister title Linux Format magazine has been elbows deep in the latest release of Ubuntu - Ubuntu 8.10 - and asked: is it any good, what has changed since the last release and what artificially alliterative name will they use this time?

Let's answer those in reverse order.

The answer to the last question is easy: Ubuntu 8.10 is Intrepid Ibex.

What's changed? Well, not loads, but as Linux Format says: "Ubuntu has matured now, and as a product matures, improvements become more incremental - it's only washing powder that shows such immense improvements with each new release (or advertising campaign)."

So, is it any good?

"Overall, Ubuntu 8.10 is a solid, polished release," says Linux Format. "Many of the changes, while small in themselves, improve the user experience, and especially make things easier for those new to Linux. Those, arguably, are Ubuntu's strongest niche, so improvements in this area are both expected and welcome. With one or two reservations, this is a good, but not dramatic, step forward. The support for netbooks is also a positive sign of where things are going. First impressions are definitely favourable."

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