Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr apps are coming to Google Glass

Facebook for Google Glass
Snap and share to Facebook with Google Glass

Glassholes, rejoice - your nascent eyewear is becoming more functional.

A host of major Glass supporters came out of the woodwork during the second day of Google IO, while Google revealed it's working on an expanded Glass Developer Kit and streaming video capabilities.

"Facebook for Google Glass" app is heading to Glass, allowing users to share photos straight from Glass to the social network, bringing official FB functionality to Google's compu-specs.

For now, tagging with Glass isn't an option, but can be added via a mobile device or computer after an image is posted.

Facebook for Google Glass

We know - you're wearing Glass

Third-party party

Not to be outdone, Twitter is bringing "Twitter for Google Glass" to the fore, allowing users to share photos with their micro-blogging network.

Photos aren't the only function, as Glass-having Twitterers will receive notifications of mentions, direct messages and tweets from folks they follow, but only if a Glass wearer has turned on alerts. Replying, retweeting and favoriting are additional features.

Tumblr, CNN and Elle magazine are throwing hats in the Glass app ring as well, with Evernote's previously announced app ready for its first look. As is the theme of Twitter and Facebook, Evernote for Glass will let users send a Glass-captured photo or short video to users' Evernote accounts from within the Glass sharing menu.

Reversing the flow, users can choose a note from Evernote Web and send it directly to the Glass Timeline.

Apps from the The New York Times and Path were announced alongside Evernote in March. According to the Times, Google refers to the apps as "Glassware."

Google told us that these Glass apps "are or should be available very soon to everyone who has the device."

Twitter for Google Glass

Twitter pics will be tagged '#throughglass'

Glass growth

During an elbow-to-elbow session earlier today, Google said it's developing a broader Glass kit for developers.

"We're actively building it," Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan told the IO crowd, as reported by AllThingsD.

Google also revealed video streaming is headed to Glass, though there's no word on when it - or the expanded dev kit - will arrive. Until now, Google had only talked about supporting short video snippets.

As for a place to host Glass apps, Jordan said that an app store isn't imminent, though the company will "definitely" have something up.

Glass-a-cations, anyone?

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