Facebook and Pandora get Android updates with new features

Facebook Pandora updates
Pester friends with excessive photo uploads from anywhere

It's apparently official Android-update day for some big-name apps, with both Facebook and Pandora adding new features today.

Android users can more easily upload their photos to Facebook thanks to the latest app update.

Rather than ponderously uploading each photo one by one, the photo upload feature now allows users to select multiple images to upload in one fell swoop then tag and caption to your liking.

The Facebook app also adds the ability for users to create events right on their Android device, something still lacking from the iOS Facebook app.

Facebook messaging also gets an enhancement with the ability to now include emoji characters and photos in your messages.

Opening Pandora's app

Online radio app Pandora also sees an update today on Android, bringing it up to speed with the last month's updates to the iOS app.

The update gives Pandora a revamped UI, improving app navigation and giving it a blue and white color scheme that bears a striking resemblance to Facebook's own.

In terms of actual features, the Pandora app also now lets users browse song lyrics and artist bios on their Android device.

Users can also rate and review songs that they have heard, as well as view similar tracks and artists to find new music.

Both the Pandora and Facebook app updates are free to all users, and can be downloaded straight from the Google Play store.