Amazon nixes Comixology iTunes and Google Play in-app purchases

Amazon stamps out Comixology in-app purchases through iTunes and Google Play
Amazon gives Comixology the Kindle treatment

Well it was probably only a matter of time, but Amazon has dropped in-app purchase functionality for the Comixology iOS app and halted purchases through Google Play within the Android app.

The wildly popular digital comics app was snapped up by Amazon for an undisclosed fee earlier this month and the firm has wasted no effort in giving the app the Kindle treatment.

The app updates, released this weekend, are designed to ensure Amazon will not have to fork over 30 per cent of every purchase made through the apps to Apple and Google.

However the move makes things less convenient for iOS users, who will now need to buy website before downloading to mobile devices.

Android users must sign up to the new PayPal or credit card payment system, as opposed to Google Play, before they can continue purchasing from within the Comixology app.

Striking a balance

As if to compensate, the app update also offers a $5 (around £3, AU$5.40) credit for all existing users.

In a statement Comixology's VP of Communications and Marketing Chip Mosher told Engadget: "As we move to complete the acquisition with Amazon, we are shifting to the web-based purchasing model they've successfully used with the Kindle, which we expect will allow us to strike the best balance between prices, selection and customer experience."

Mosher pointed out that iOS users can easily add the web store to their device's homescreen, while claimed purchasing through the site would offer additional benefits such as access to web-only bundles.


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