Snapchat Spectacles are now for sale on Amazon


Update: At a recent Christmas in July event we also discovered Snapchat Spectacles are on sale in Harrods' physical stores. It's a limited physical release (and perhaps an unusual choice of store) but a good sign that Snap Inc is dipping its toes into pushing the Spectacles out even further in the run up to Christmas.

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If you’re something of a Snapchat savant and you’ve been lamenting the fact that you haven’t been able to access a Snapchat Spectacles vending machine, you may be glad to hear Snap Inc just started selling them on Amazon.

Before now you were very limited in your purchasing options. At first you could only get a pair of Snapchat Spectacles if you visited a city that had one of the company’s dedicated vending machines. 

Even if you did make the journey to one of these locations, the machines often didn’t stick around for long and you had to act fast. 

Prime purchase

In February Snap opened availability up slightly to US customers when it started selling them on its own website (an option which is now open to UK customers).

Annoyingly, though, purchasing them this way meant a delivery window of 5 to 10 days and let’s face it, by the time they arrived the rush from your impulse purchase would probably have worn off and you’d immediately throw them in your bag and barely use them. 

Now that they’re on Amazon you’ll still have to pay the $130/£130 that you would anywhere else, but Prime customers will be able to get them on their faces in just two days. Although you never know, they might now have been around long enough to appear in this year's Black Friday sales!

You can purchase Snapchat Spectacles on Amazon US and Amazon UK now in black, coral, or teal.