Snap up some prescription lenses for your Snapchat Spectacles

Being on the forefront of technology can be hard sometimes, especially if you can't see where you're going. 

Snapchat Spectacles are the newest wearables to make a splash, but the sunglasses-and-camera combo are just like over-the-counter shades - they don't have prescriptions for those who wear glasses. 

Enter Rochester Optical and its new prescription lenses for Spectacles. Starting at $99 (about £80, AU$135), the company will custom cut lenses for your Snapchat specs. Rochester Optical tells us there are no restrictions on the prescription range, and it will do its best to accommodate all strengths. 

The whole process takes just a few days, and you'll be back to capturing 10-second videos from your eye-line in no time.

Rochester Optical already made a name for itself cutting prescription lenses for Google Glass, so it's no surprise it's taken to Snapchat Spectacles. 

The eyewear is Snapchat's first foray into hardware, and generated tons of buzz as the only way to get a pair is from a vending machine. Capturing quick snippets of video through cameras in the frame, the clips are sent to your phone for sharing on the platform. 

Snapchat Spectacles have drawn comparisons to Google Glass, but are significantly more stylish, inconspicuous and affordable: a set costs $129 (about £99, AU$168) compared to the Google Glass price of $1,500 (£1,000, about AU$1,589) - when you could buy them, that is. 

Adding prescription lenses ups the cost (you'll also have to cover shipping), but it's a relatively small price to pay to look cool without running into stuff. 

Via Mashable

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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