Sky Q to include high-end 3D surround sound Dolby Atmos by end of 2017

Fans of high-end audio rejoice: according to an infographic produced by Sky, the company is planning on bringing Dolby Atmos to Sky Q in 2017. 

Additionally the infographic, which was included in a presentation to investors and later spotted by WhatHiFi, mentions voice search and voice control, following in the footsteps of Amazon Fire TV’s Alexa integration, which should make it quicker than ever to find the content you want to watch. 

Unfortunately, beyond ‘2017’ no information about when we can expect to see these features was forthcoming. The graphic appears to suggest that voice search would be the first feature to arrive, with voice control and Atmos support following later in the year.

Cinematic ambitions

Sky is not the first company to tease these technologies. Late last year BT announced that it would be bringing Dolby Atmos support to select football matches, but Sky’s extensive film catalogue makes its integration of the technology a much more interesting proposition.

Future cinematic Atmos releases include Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Wonder Woman, and last year Dr. Strange was a high-profile movie that made use of the 3D surround sound technology.

With features like this and the Ultra HD support, Sky Q is fast becoming one of the most feature-complete ways of watching TV.

Now if it could only get Netflix and Amazon Prime into its boxes we wouldn't need to have anything else plugged into our televisions…

Jon Porter

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