Sky Q and Fiit add a little exercise to your daily routine

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Fiit, an interactive fitness app made for exercising while at home, has now been added to the Sky Q set-top boxes. Also available through Amazon Fire TVs and Samsung smart TVs, Fiit enables millions of families to try out a fitness regime from the comfort of their own homes.

Previously, Fiit was only viewable on a smart TV by pairing with a mobile app. Now, that middleman has been cut out entirely in favor of a dedicated Sky Q app, which comes at a time when – according to a Fiit press release – roughly one-third of UK adults exercise are using digital formats.

Sky’s Group Chief Product Officer, Fraser Stirling, said of the announcement: “Fiit’s new feature is really exciting for at-home workouts, and we know our customers are going to love it. The Fiit app sits right beside your favourite entertainment on Sky Q, making it even easier to enjoy, interact and track your fitness, all on the big screen.” 

For the uninitiated, Fiit is a well-received digital fitness app that features well over 700 (700!) individual classes which make up over 20 different training plans, which could make it easier for you to pick a plan that’s tailored to your needs.

It’s yet another welcome addition to Sky Q, which also recently saw the addition of the popular ITV Hub to its roster of streaming apps. Alongside that came the announcement of live HDR broadcasts for both the Tokyo Olympics and the new Premier League season in their entirety.

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If you’ve been keeping track of the Sky Q news over the past week, then, it’s easy to draw the conclusion that the streaming service is on a bit of a roll, especially with its addition of live HDR broadcasts for sporting events. Now, Sky Q could also become one of the easiest places to keep fit (aside from maybe a gym).

It’s a huge deal for Fiit as a company, too. Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit full swing, Fiit recorded a user base that was around 70% larger than that of people actively subscribed to a gym membership. As the end of the pandemic continues to elude us, it’s likely that Fiit’s numbers could grow even further as people attempt to remain home where they can.

If you’re after a really fun way to workout at home though, Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch may be worth a look, featuring a novel and easy-to-grasp control scheme that’s ideal for just about anyone looking to keep fit.

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