Skoda's app will let couriers deliver shopping straight to your car

Skoda deliveries
Image credit: Skoda (Image credit: Skoda)

Skoda is trialling a new scheme that will let you specify your car as a delivery address when you shop online, avoiding the hassle of having to wait in for parcels.

When you check out online, you'll have the option of allowing the delivery company to take your new purchases straight to your vehicle. It doesn't matter where you've parked – the courier will find it using GPS. Think of it like Amazon Key, but for your car rather than your home.

A mobile app will give the courier one-time-only access to your car's trunk during a limited time window, allowing them to open it up, deposit your new purchases, and lock it again.

Skoda delivery app

Image credit: Skoda (Image credit: Skoda)

Special deliveries

The system is currently being trialled in Skoda's home nation, the Czech Republic, with two of the country's biggest online retailers: and If all goes well, and drivers are happy having packages dropped in their cars, the company hopes to roll it out more widely.

"This pilot project provides a concrete look ahead at how everyday life can be made even simpler and more convenient in future by using state-of-the-art technology," said Jarmila Plachá, head of Skoda Auto DigiLab, the company's workshop for developing new connected car technology. "I’m looking forward to further developing this project together with our partners.”

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