Should I buy the DELL E2316HR 23" Backlight TN Monitor?

The bottom line: If you’re after a clear display for work or casual gaming, the DELL E2316HR 23” Backlight TN Monitor looks to be a great affordable option, and with considerable reductions over Black Friday, it’s an even better buy than ever this holiday weekend. Its VESA-mountable 23-inch screen exhibits a 1920 x 1080p (16:9) resolution and TN panel rather than IPS, and it doesn’t have a whole lot of input options, so it’s likely not the best for advanced PC gaming setups, but with its simple set-up, sturdiness and affordability it comes highly recommended for budgets and business use.

Pros: Nice stable base, easy to set up, VESA mountable

Cons: Lack of input options

DELL E2316HR 23" Backlight TN Monitor: Everything you need to know

This affordable TN monitor, with its 16:9 widescreen format, gives you plenty of screen space in which to work or game, and its ability to be wall-mounted means it can save on valuable desktop space if needed, although reviewers have noted that the process for this is trickier than setting it up on the stand. It’s pretty adjustable, tilting forwards or backwards for comfort, and promises full HD quality at multiple angles. It doesn’t have a huge number of inputs, but for more basic set-ups it promises to be more than ample.


Reviewers have been left impressed by the display quality of this full-HD widescreen monitor, commenting on the crisp picture and true, saturated colors. While it’s clear from the entry-level price of this monitor that it’s not engineered for designers, photographers or serious gamers, as a second display or affordable main monitor, it seems to do the job really quite well. The eco-friendly PowerNap technology is also a nice touch, reducing brightness and putting the monitor to sleep when not in use.

Compatibility and controls

There’s no DVI or HDMI port on this monitor - important to note, as it might be a deal-breaker for some. That said, what it does have is a DisplayPort, which will often add considerable cost to a monitor, so to get it for this price is great. It’s compatible with current PCs and older models, connected via VGA or that all-important DisplayPort, and has easily accessible buttons to adjust brightness, contrast and access customizable presets.

The final verdict? While the lack of an HDMI input will surely leave some buyers cold, this monitor looks to be perfectly capable for most computing tasks, falling short only for serious gamers and creatives in terms of display. If you’re looking to add a monitor to your arsenal, and are sold on the affordable quality of the DELL E2316HR, be sure to shop our best deals, above.

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