Samsung apparently has a plan to fix the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Image credit: TechRadar

When reviewers were given the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it was quickly discovered that the foldable device has a durability problemSamsung has since taken steps to cancel pre-orders for some customers, and the Galaxy Fold has no new release date in sight.

However, despite appearances to the contrary, it looks like Samsung has a plan to fix the Fold, according to a report.

The new report, from Yonhap News and based on information from industry officials, lists a few different changes Samsung is apparently making to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and also suggests a possible release date as "next month" for the folding phone.

One of the aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Fold that broke for many reviewers was the hinge, when materials like dust, dirt and fluff got caught up in the mechanism. But according to the report Samsung is to reduce the size of the hinge so the pre-existing protective frame on the device is the right size to protect the part.

Many reviewers also found that peeling off the Samsung Galaxy Fold's screen protector broke the display, and it was later discovered that this wasn't a screen protector but part of the display itself.

Samsung is now apparently set to expand this plastic film so it tucks into the handset's frame, so that consumers won't confuse it for something they should remove.

Samsung's plan to introduce a wildly different form factor to mobile phones got off to a rocky start, but if it can fix these issues and recover with grace, the company may still lead the foldable phone revolution – unless more durability problems are discovered upon release.

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