Rainbow Six Extraction will launch on Xbox Game Pass

Rainbow Six Extraction
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Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Extraction will be available on day one on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass, allowing members to immediately jump into the upcoming co-op shooter when it releases on January 20, 2022.

Competitive online tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege will also be added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass that very same day. Currently, Rainbox Six Siege is available on Game Pass for console, allowing players to brush up on their skills ahead of Extraction's release, but not on PC. 

In addition to the announcement that Rainbow Six Extraction and Rainbow Six Siege are coming to Xbox Game Pass, Ubisoft has also announced that Ubisoft+, the publisher's game subscription service, is coming to Xbox "in the future". 

"By making Rainbow Six Extraction available to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass members on the day and date of its launch via Xbox Game Pass, we’re demonstrating that we believe in the value and choice that game subscriptions offer to players,” Chris Early, Ubisoft’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, wrote in Ubisoft's announcement. "Rainbow Six Extraction for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass members is just the beginning. Ultimately, we will offer the Ubisoft+ subscription service to Xbox owners so that they can enjoy the full extent of our Ubisoft+ game library, including new releases, on their consoles."

Get ready to extract

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

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Originally known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, Rainbow Six Extraction is a spin-off of the aforementioned Rainbow Six Siege, taking its characters and pitting them against an alien invasion.

Instead of PvP gameplay, Extraction is entirely co-op and requires players to work together in teams of three. Ubisoft has already confirmed post-launch support, which will include additional playable characters.

It's welcome news that Rainbow Six Extraction - and the popular Rainbow Six Siege - are coming to Xbox Game Pass and we're hoping we'll see more Ubisoft titles land on the platform on day one in the future (and it sounds like this could be the case).

While Ubisoft hasn't shared exact details on Ubisoft +'s arrival on Xbox, it sounds like the service might simply be offered as a subscription available on Xbox consoles - currently, it's only available on PC.

But we're hoping that Ubisoft will take this one step further, integrating Ubisoft+ into Xbox Game Pass in the same way that EA Play has been - offering Game Pass subscribers the ability to access games in the EA Play vault as part of their Xbox subscription. Ubisoft + boasts a vault of over 100 games, which includes the Assassin's Creed and Far Cry series, so these titles becoming accessible as part of an overarching box subscription would only make Game Pass more valuable.

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