Pure Electric’s new e-scooter will change how you ride and may make you safer

Pure Electric Advance Flex E-Scooter
(Image credit: Pure Electric)

UK electric scooter company Pure Electric has revealed three new machines: the Pure Advance, Advance Plus, and Advance Flex; all of which have a greater emphasis on safety and balance.

One of the first things you may notice on the scooters is the deck. Typically you stand on a scooter one foot in front of the other in a slightly twisted pose. Pure replaces the standard deck with two footpads that jut out from the side so a person’s feet stay shoulder, width apart, facing forward. According to the company, this stance puts riders “lower to the ground [for a] more stable and comfortable” experience. Also present is the company’s Pure Control tech to stabilize the handlebars. Every time you turn, the handlebars will gently and automatically return to their starting position.

Other notable safety features include the scooters' 10-inch “puncture resistant” tires, dual brake systems, and a series of bright LED lights strewn around the scooters. Pure claims the front light is “four-times brighter” than on older models. 

The scooters have a water resistance of IP65, meaning the scooters are completely protected against dust and blasts of water; just don’t go driving into a pool. They won’t survive submersion.

Internal differences

The differences between the three scooters come down to two things: portability and battery range. The Pure Advance and Advance Flex can be folded for easier storage, whereas the Advance Plus cannot, judging the information given. You can tuck in the handlebars and footrests on the base Advance model, but with the Flex, you can also fold its frame in half. This will allow owners to better store the Flex in tight spaces.

The Advance Plus makes up for its lack of folding ability with a bigger 432 Wh battery and a maximum range of 50 km (31 miles). For other two models, they have a 355 Wh battery and a max range of 40 km (25 miles). Speed is the same across the scooters; they’re powered by a 500 W motor with a max speed of 25 km/h (about 15.5 mph).


You can’t purchase any of the models yet, but you can put down a £20 non-refundable deposit as a way to pre-order. It’s a first come first serve basis with limited availability. Pure explains that if the scooters are sold out before you can finalize the purchase, you can get a refund or put the money towards a future order.

Prices start at £799 for the Pure Advance, £899 for the Advance Plus, and £1,099 for the Advance Flex. All of the scooters come in two colors: Platinum or Mercury Black. The company plans to start shipping the e-scooters around March 2023. We asked if Pure has plans to launch its new scooters outside of the United Kingdom. It appears the Advance line will only be available in the UK at launch. We’ll update this story if we hear back.

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Update 10-7-2022: A company representative got back to us and answered our questions. First, they clarified that the handlebars on the Advance Plus do fold back like the base model for easier storage. Colors for the Advance scooter are referred to as Matte Black and Matte Grey, a flatter look compared to the glossier finish on the other models.

The £20 deposit is actually refundable, contrary to the initial report. And all three scooters will also be available in France, Spain, and Belgium.

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