PUBG Mobile India deletes most of its posts on social media

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It would be an understatement to say that PUBG Mobile India’s launch has been a bumpy ride. The latest development might be the most bizarre one yet though, as the company just took down the bulk of its posts from all of its social media accounts.

The social media handles of PUBG Mobile India have undergone an overhaul as the majority of its photos and videos have disappeared overnight. It’s unclear if they were deleted or merely archived. Its Facebook and Instagram accounts (both verified) are left with just one post — the original PUBG Mobile India trailer from November 2020.

The remaining Instagram post can be seen below:

Notably, these aren’t the only accounts to face a purge, as PUBG Mobile India’s YouTube channel went through a similar treatment last week. A series of four videos were uploaded teasing the launch of the game – and quickly deleted. Speculations state that they were published prematurely and weren’t meant to go live right now.

The deletion of posts could mean a few things: PUBG Mobile India will never return, and thus, the company wants to control the content that would indicate otherwise; the company understands news cycles and wants to create hype before the launch; or, it is going through a rebranding process and will repopulate the accounts with new content. 

The latter seems to be the most likely case, as a new report hinted at the game finally returning as Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds). The changes can be spotted on its website’s backend, as well as Facebook and YouTube pages, where the URLs have been updated to reflect the changes. A community moderator on the PUBG Mobile India Discord group confirmed the changes too.

While these are undeniably major developments, none of them originate from official channels, so take them with a grain of salt. Having said that, the amount of news popping out these days could mean that the announcement we’re all waiting for is not too far



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