Prime Day PS5 games deals are rubbish – but hope is on the horizon

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Let's be honest: this year's Prime Day PS5 games deals aren't great. While PlayStation 5 owners like myself were looking forward to bagging a bargain on new PS5 games during Amazon's sale period, the offering is a bit disappointing.

Prime Day deals usually offer one of the best opportunities of the year to pick up blockbuster games at a discount but, this year, the Prime Day PS5 deals aren't quite what we hoped. (Not in the UK or US? Scroll down for deals in your region).

In a time when gaming is becoming increasingly expensive but the cost of living crisis means disposable income is decreasing, I was hoping I could pick up some of 2022's biggest titles at a sizable discount. But, all hope is not lost, as it's likely there will be bigger and better discounts to be had later this year.

The usual suspects

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This year's Prime Day PS5 game deals are a mix of the usual suspects (I see you Mortal Kombat 11), middling titles and the occasional decent discount on more recent PS5 games. 

Marvel's Avengers, for example, is now below £10/$15, which is a decent price for a PS5 title but the game got mixed critical reception that makes it less enticing to pick up. Similarly, Battlefield 2042, which has been plagued with issues since its launch, has dropped to below $20 in the US. 

But, as I said, there are some decent discounts to be had. Dying Light 2 is at its lowest price yet in the US and there's £20 off The Quarry in the UK right now. 

We've even seen a handful of the biggest PS5 games of the year getting deals. In the UK, Horizon Forbidden West is down £20 and Gran Turismo 7 is down by around £13 while US deals include $10 off Elden Ring and GTA 5 for half price. But these truly noteworthy deals on new PS5 games are few and far between.

Check out some of these deals below:


Elden Ring (PS5): $59.99 $49.94 at AmazonSave 17%

Elden Ring (PS5): $59.99 $49.94 at Amazon
Save 17% - Elden Ring has been discounted by around $10, making it its lowest price yet on Amazon. If you've been waiting to pick up FromSoftware's latest offering then now is a great time but we advise waiting until Black Friday for a chunkier discount.

GTA 5 (PS5): $39.99 $19.99 at AmazonSave 50%

GTA 5 (PS5): $39.99 $19.99 at Amazon
Save 50% - GTA 5 on PS5 is currently $20 off at Amazon right now, making it the lowest price we've seen yet for the expanded and enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Considering how much content is available here, under $20 is definitely a bargain.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: $59.99 $34.99 at AmazonSave $25 -

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: $59.99 $34.99 at Amazon
Save $25 - At its lowest price on Amazon since release, Dying Light 2 for just $34.99 is a sharp deal. This first-person action-RPG has an open world filled with zombies and parkour, and we particularly loved how satisfying the control and combat were in our review.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: $59.99$24.99
Save $35–

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: $59.99 $24.99
Save $35
 This Bioware-esque adventure from the makers of Deus Ex: Human Revolution has never been cheaper than today. Our Guardians of the Galaxy review praised its wit and ‘80s vigor, and now you too can enjoy its underrated comedic vibes at 58% off. 

Marvel's Avengers for PlayStation: $19.99$14.99
Save $5–

Marvel's Avengers for PlayStation: $19.99 $14.99
Save $5
Fans of Kamala Khan may well want to overlook the iffy reputation of Marvel’s Avengers as a live service game to enjoy its campaign, which focuses on Ms. Marvel herself. Just two years after its launch, this AAA riff on the MCU is currently the price of an indie game.

Far Cry 6 Standard Edition: $59.99$12.99
Save $47–

Far Cry 6 Standard Edition: $59.99 $12.99
Save $47
 Ubisoft’s latest take on the outdoor Rambo simulator isn’t its most innovative, mimicking much of what came before, but does feature an endearing protagonist in Dani Rojas and a convincing extended cast of Yaran revolutionaries. At 78% off, you can’t argue with the savings.

Battlefield 2042:$69.99 $19.99 at AmazonSave $50

Battlefield 2042: $69.99 $19.99 at Amazon
Save $50 - We've never seen Battlefield 2042's price go lower on Amazon, and $20 is a much more reasonable price to gamble on the live service game, which had a rocky start. If you were interested in 2042 but uncertain, $20 is a safe bet, and fundamentally, we found it fun in our review


Back 4 Blood: £24.99£17.49
Save 30%

Back 4 Blood: £24.99 £17.49
Save 30%
– Although we've previously seen it a little cheaper, 30% is a decent saving on what’s widely considered to be the closest thing to a Left 4 Dead 3. In our review, we particularly enjoyed its card system, which adds a strategic metagame to the low-brow business of shooting everything that shambles or sprints. Includes an Amazon exclusive AR badge, too, if you’re into that.

Horizon Forbidden West: £69.99 £52.00 at AmazonSave 26% -

Horizon Forbidden West: £69.99 £52.00 at Amazon
Save 26% - The stunningly beautiful sequel to Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West is the real deal. While this isn't the steepest discount it's seen on Amazon since release, Forbidden West earned a 4.5/5 in our review and deserves a home on your gaming shelves.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction Limited Edition: £24.99£17.99
Save 28% –

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction Limited Edition: £24.99 £17.99
Save 28% –
While nobody can claim that Extraction is a beloved FPS, it’s a fascinating mixture of XCOM-style metagame and coordinated stealth shooting. Given that it came out just this year, you really can’t argue with a price like this - and especially not when you need to stay quiet for fear of being gobbled by aliens.

Gran Turismo 7: £69.99 £56.99 at AmazonSave 19% -

Gran Turismo 7: £69.99 £56.99 at Amazon
Save 19% - One of the current kings of the racing genre, this isn't the lowest price it's seen Gran Turismo 7 stoop to, but the pedigree of this racing sim alone should put it on your shopping list - in fact, we gave it a full five stars in our review. So, feast on the stunning visuals, ample content and heaps of progression.

The Quarry: £64.99 £44.99 at AmazonSave £20

The Quarry: £64.99 £44.99 at Amazon
Save £20 - Released just last month, The Quarry sees Until Dawn developer Supermassive once again capture the heart of schlocky horror movies and recreate it in a game. This is a decent discount for a game released so recently, though it will likely be discounted more substantially in the Black Friday sales if you can hold off until then.

What's the deal?

Saints Row reboot

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There's a big reason we're not seeing a bunch of new PS5 games on offer this Prime Day and that's simply due to the number of delays we've seen in recent years. 

Where we had expected to have had our hands on the likes of Gotham Knights, Forspoken, Saints Row and even Hogwarts Legacy by now, delays have pushed these titles into later in 2022 and, in some cases, 2023. So while we've been treated to a handful of noteworthy PS5 games this year, there's a big gap in what could have been offered if these games were released on schedule.

But the world is turbulent right now and delays, as a result, are understandable. After all, we want these games to be released at their best, the Cyberpunk 2077 debacle taught us that much.

It's also worth noting that the biggest discounts on PS5 games are usually on Black Friday. By that time several delayed PS5 games will have been released and should be on offer for Amazon's next sales period. So if you're on the fence about picking up some of these deals right now, my advice is to hold off until Black Friday, if you can, for even bigger savings and (likely) more choice.

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