WhatsApp on Android Wear will now let you chat to your wrist

Android Wear
Just half a billion users, then. No biggy

Android Wear is currently finding its feet in this whacky world of wearables, and getting itself decent apps like WhatsApp on board as quickly as possible will be the key to success.

The new version of WhatsApp has just been made available to download from the official website, bringing some welcome features with it.

The update brings full message preview, allowing you, unsurprisingly, to see the full message on your watch, where previously, in the dark and horrid times, you could only see a truncated version.

Welcome to the future: please wipe your feet

If that wasn't enough to cause you to leave work and find the nearest Android Wear emporium, you can now use the voice reply function to dictate a message straight into your wrist.

And finally, you can now read stacked conversation messages, which means messages pile on top of one another - you can jump to the next one by tapping the "+1 more" button.

The dream is here, people.

The update hasn't appeared on Google Play just yet, but you can go grab it straight from WhatsApp directly right now. With over half a billion people around the world now using WhatsApp regularly, there might be a few who are interested.

Via Android Central

Hugh Langley

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