Report on your own Google Glass mugging with CNN iReport feature

CNN already has a presence on Google Glass through a breaking news app, but it's expanding its wearable tech initiative today to include CNN iReport submissions.

Explorer Edition owners are now able to share photos and videos directly from Google Glass to the cable news networks' citizen journalism platform.

CNN iReports is a little difficult to find since it isn't a standalone app. The ability to upload content is hidden in the "Share with" menu that pops up after taking a photo or video.

It also requires authorizing CNN to send notifications to Glass and tying it all into your iReport account, if you even have one.

A poke in the EyeReports

Because CNN iReports is built around amutuer journalists on the scene, Google Glass could provide a unique first-person perspective of live events.

It could very well capture one of the testy Google Glass incidents that come with donning the $1,500 (about £890, AU$1,602) wearable computer in public.

All of a sudden the practice of "report the story, don't become part of it" goes out the Glass window.

Matt Swider