New interactive high-def Holy Bible launches

New interactive high-def Holy Bible launches this month
New interactive high-def Holy Bible launches this month

The new Glo Bible launches this week, an interactive 'e-Bible' device that features high-resolution photos, virtual tours of well-known biblical stories and locations and a publicity campaign targeting young people.

The Glo Bible is set to cost £59.99, with Glo clearly hoping to appeal to digital generation teens and youngsters. The developers are also preparing mobile phone and web-based versions of the Glo Bible for release at some point soon.

The interactive bible claims to "brings God's word to life" featuring 2,382 high-resolution photos, 7,500 articles, 463 virtual tours, 3.5 hours of high-definition video and 689 works of art.

Glo Bible targets the young

The Glo Bible is the brainchild of former aeronautical engineer Nelson Saba, who told the Guardian:

"There is nothing wrong with the Bible but we have two generations which favour interactive media. Unless you put the Bible on that media you won't connect with them. It's not about mimicking paper. It's about offering an experience."

"We did focus groups with people aged between 20 and 50," adds the Glo Bible creator. "We asked how they felt and what frustrations they had.

"The older group were more engaged with the paper Bible, but a lot of what we designed addressed our findings. It's about being efficient and relevant, and even people who are nominal in their faith still have a reverence for it but they were challenged in finding what they needed.

Via The Guardian

Adam Hartley