New mobile printers from Sony and Polaroid

Sony has just announced the launch of a new compact photo printer - pictured here -which boasts a 300 x 300dpi resolution and can be linked up to a TV via HDMI so you can view your photos in all their big-screen high def glory.

The nattily-named DPP-FP95 has a 3.2inch screen and the not-so-catchily entitled DPP-FP75 sports a slightly larger 3.5inch screen, with both supporting BIONZ technology.

Polaroid PoGo printer

In other mobile printer news, Polaroid recently unveiled its mini inkless mobile printer, the Polaroid PoGo ("Polaroid to Go" geddit?) which will cost £99 when it launches in May.

Users will be able to print mini business card sized colour photos on the move from their mobile or digital camera via PictBridge. While there is no ink involved, you will need to buy Polaroid's proprietary paper, at a wallet-pounding £3 for 10 sheets.

Still, might be fun for parties.

Polaroid portable media player

In other Polaroid news, watch out for the sub-£200 Polaroid portable media player due for release later this summer.

The MPU-43315 (have companies just given up on product names?) supports WMV, MPEG4, MP3, WMA, and WAV video and audio files and should, at some point down the line, also incorporate DivX plug-ins.

With a 60GB internal memory, a 4.3-inch LCD screen, a Wi-Fi wireless connection, an FM receiver, and (apparently) a battery that lasts 4 hours in video mode or 16 hours in audio mode, we’ll be testing out Polaroid’s new PMP as soon as we can get our mitts on it.

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