Apple iPod flies high on 2007 'cool list'

Consumer technology companies have dominated a Superbrands poll of the 500 coolest brands in the UK. Despite UK car manufacturer Aston Martin coming out on top, 10 of the top 20 coolest brands came from the consumer tech industry.

Apple (opens in new tab) was a big winner in the poll, scoring a hat-trick of entries in the top 20. Its iPod MP3 player (opens in new tab) hit number two on the list, while Apple itself came in at number seven and its iTunes software (opens in new tab) at number 19. The iPhone (opens in new tab) didn't quite manage to make it into the top 20, squeezing in at number 23.

No style points for Microsoft

Software monster Microsoft (opens in new tab) didn't even manage to get into the top 500, and neither did PC giant Dell (opens in new tab). No real surprises there though.

Google's YouTube video sharing site was third on the list, two places above Google itself with high street hi-fi company Bang & Olufson (opens in new tab) playing piggy in the middle, at four. The appearance of Bang & Olufson on the list is curious enough in itself; that it made it into the top five is one of the list's biggest surprises.

Gaming is cool

Gaming brands PlayStation and Nintendo also both made it into the top ten, the main surprise being Nintendo coming in at number nine, with the PlayStation up at number six. Microsoft's Xbox (opens in new tab) gaming brand couldn't even make it into the top 30 - it came in at number 33.

Other notable tech brands were Nokia (opens in new tab) at number 25, beating rival Sony Ericsson which only came in at 50. Sony was the 26th coolest brand, while hi-fi company Bose took number 28.

BlackBerry was the 66th coolest brand, seven places below foul-mouthed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay who is somehow apparently the UK's 59th coolest brand.

Here's the Top 30:

1. Aston Martin
2. iPod
3. YouTube
4. Bang & Olufsen
5. Google
6. PlayStation
7. Apple
8. Agent Provocateur
9. Nintendo
10. Virgin Atlantic
11. Ferrari
12. Ducati
13. eBay
14. Rolex
15. Tate Modern
16. Prada
17. Lamborghini
18. Green & Black's
19. iTunes
21. Jack Daniels
22. Jimmy Choo
23. iPhone
24. Porsche
25. Nokia
26. Sony
27. Eden Project
28. Bose
29. myspace
30. Topshop

James Rivington

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