Bounce along to Apple's new iPod ad

Apple iPod Touch 2012
Can Apple make its iPod sales "bounce" back with this ad?

Apple's marketing strategy doesn't just involve refusing to comment on rumoured product like the iPad Mini or taking competitors to court for patent infringement. It also involves some

pretty entertaining ads


The latest Apple ad is for the new iPod lineup. Creatively titled bounce, it's a typical, fun iPod ad that features the new range "bouncing" around to Willy Moon's "Yeah Yeah", while splitting and merging from colourful iPod Touches to iPod Shuffles and iPod Nanos in between.

Apple's new iPod ad may be bright, shiny and colourful - just like the new iPod Touch - but it's unlikely to do much to stop the MP3 player from being eaten alive by its cannibalistic offspring, the iPhone.

Not enough to save it

iPod sales dropped 10 per cent in Q3 compared to the same period last year, hitting just 6.8 million units compared to the iPhone's 26 million units.

While the MP3 player's redesign may see it "bounce" back a little from the last quarter's results, it's unlikely that the product that redefined Apple will ever hold the same place in modern culture it did just five years ago.

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