LG launches touch-screen MP3 player

The LG MFFM37 'Touch me' continues the touch-screen theme introduced by the company's Prada phone - and, of course, the Apple iPhone

LG has launched a touch-screen MP3 player in the form of the MFFM37 'Touch me'. It comes complete with an interactive colour LCD display.

"The player brings total control to the user's fingertips while being ahead ofits game in the style stakes with its sleek, metallic finish," said LG.

The LG MFFM37 is very small. It measures just 51.5mm wide, 90mm long and 9.9mm thick - the average size of a credit card. It has already proved its competitive edge in design by winning the internationally recognised Red Dot Design Award .

Made in lightweight aluminium, the touch screen features a customisable and interactive interface on a 2.4-inch LCD display. The MFFM37 is also equipped with LG's Mobile XD engine to improve picture quality.

Compact design

"The demand for desirable and unique audio products is growing and LG is leading the way in touch sensitive design-led technology right now," said Daniel Aziz at for LG Electronics UK.

"People make more of an emotional decision when buying products these days and they do it based on how the product makes them feel. With our premium design we are appealing to today's more sophisticated users and in combination with the attention to sound quality, we believe we have a winning formula."

The LG MFFM37 supports video playback, MPEG4 and most popular audio file formats including MP3, WMA, OGG and ASF. It is equipped with 2GB/4GB of Flash memory so users can watch up to three hours of video or listen to 20 hours of music with each battery charge. The LG MFFM37 can also carry out ultra high speed file transfer though its 2.0 USB port.

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